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POV: You change the price for a different customer

POV: You Change the Price for a Different Customer

In a recent encounter at a store, a customer asked about the price of an item, which had not sold for £2. Upon returning to purchase it for the original price, they were informed that it had been sold for 50p to another customer who had just seen it. This led to a misunderstanding between the store owner and the customer, with the store owner defending their decision to lower the price when the item hadn't sold. The customer, however, expressed disappointment and frustration at missing out on the opportunity to purchase the item at the initial price.


Customer, store, price, item, sale, misunderstanding


  1. Why did the store owner lower the price of the item after the customer initially inquired about it? The store owner decided to reduce the price when the item failed to sell at its original price of £2 to entice a sale.

  2. Was it fair for the store owner to sell the item to a different customer at a lower price after the first customer expressed interest in purchasing it? Different store owners have varying policies on pricing and sales, but in this scenario, it led to a misunderstanding and dissatisfaction from the initial customer.