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Passive Income: I Started A Side Hustle Using A.I, here’s how

Passive Income: I Started A Side Hustle Using A.I, here’s how

In today's digital age, many individuals are tapping into the potential of artificial intelligence (A.I) to generate passive income. The idea of creating and selling videos edited with the help of A.I has gained traction, with claims of people making thousands of dollars every month. Intrigued by this concept, I decided to put it to the test myself, even though I had no prior video editing experience. This article will outline my journey and the steps I took to make $ 150 in just 15 minutes using A.I in video editing.

Market Research: Exploring the Possibilities

The first step on my journey was conducting crucial market research. I discovered a wide range of competitors in the promotional video space, some offering their services at low prices while others charged exorbitant fees. Despite the stiff competition, I saw it as a positive sign, indicating that many sellers were making sales. Armed with this knowledge, I was motivated to offer my video editing services at a competitive price.

Creating Promotional Videos with A.I

As a complete novice when it came to video editing, I needed a user-friendly tool to assist me in this endeavor. I stumbled upon an online platform called InVideo, which offered a vast collection of templates and royalty-free video clips. After selecting a suitable template, I used the platform's intuitive interface to customize the text and incorporate relevant stock footage. As a beginner, this tool was perfect for me, as it required no complex editing software. With a little adjustment, I was able to create my first promotional video.

Setting Up Shop: Selling on Fiverr

To sell my videos, I decided to leverage third-party platforms like Fiverr. Although building my own website and social media pages would have allowed me to establish a brand and retain customer data, I needed to gain experience quickly. Thus, Fiverr provided a ready-made platform with a vast customer base. I created a listing on Fiverr, offering my services as a video editor at an initial price of $ 50. Taking inspiration from successful sellers, I crafted an appealing title and added appropriate metadata to increase discoverability.

The First Sale: Getting Creative to Boost My Gig

After a few days of publishing my gig on Fiverr, I was disheartened by the lack of response. However, instead of giving up, I strategized to boost my gig's visibility. It's common practice to generate artificial initial sales on platforms like Fiverr, as positive reviews increase trust and visibility in the algorithm. So, I arranged for someone to buy my gig, allowing me to create a promotional video for them, despite their knowledge of this arrangement. This ethical tactic aimed to kickstart my gig's success.

Expanding the Business: Garnering Real Sales

Finally, my strategy paid off, and I started receiving real sales. Though I initially had only one customer, it was a promising start. My first paid video editing task involved creating a promotional video for a caravan and static home park, which provided me with additional footage to incorporate into the project. Using the same step-by-step process as before, I completed the project and received positive feedback from the client.

Calculating Profits: A Successful Side Hustle

After tallying up revenue and deducting expenses, I discovered that the two promotional videos I created brought in a total revenue of $ 148. However, it's important to note the expenses incurred. Fiverr charged a 20% commission on all sales, and I also subscribed to InVideo's business plan, priced at $ 25. With these costs factored in, my total profit amounted to $ 932.

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Q: Is it truly possible to make a significant income from selling videos edited with the help of A.I? A: While some individuals have reported making substantial amounts of passive income through this approach, success can vary depending on factors such as competition, pricing, and marketing strategies.

Q: Do I need prior video editing experience to start generating income using A.I? A: No, you don't. With user-friendly A.I video editing platforms like InVideo, beginners can easily create and customize professional-looking videos without any prior experience.

Q: Are there any additional expenses involved in this side hustle? A: Yes, there may be expenses such as platform commissions and subscription fees for A.I video editing tools, which should be considered when calculating profits.

Q: How long does it take to start making sales on platforms like Fiverr? A: The timeline for making sales on Fiverr can vary. It may take some time to gain visibility and trust from potential customers. However, strategic tactics, such as generating initial artificial sales, can help accelerate the process.

Q: Can I scale up this side hustle and increase my income over time? A: Yes, with consistent effort, improving video editing skills, building a strong reputation, and upgrading to higher-priced service tiers, it is possible to scale up and potentially increase your income from this side hustle.

Note: The figures mentioned in this article are fictional and used for illustrative purposes only.