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Process Mining in Supply Chain Explained #shorts #supplychain #processmining #analytics

Process Mining in Supply Chain Explained #shorts #supplychain #processmining #analytics

Process mining involves utilizing data to monitor and enhance processes within a business. In the context of a retail company, various systems are used to streamline operations, such as sending inventory alerts, transmitting orders to the warehouse, and tracking deliveries. This data is then processed for analysis to improve efficiencies.


Inventory alerts, ERP, warehouse management system (WMS), transportation management system (TMS), lead times, data processing pipelines, smart visualization, process delays, supply chain analytics.


  • What is process mining and how is it used in supply chain management?
  • How does data processing pipelines help in analyzing supply chain processes?
  • What systems are commonly used in a retail company for tracking processes?
  • Why is lead time measurement important in supply chain optimization?