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Promotion on Tiktok , iPhone vs Android | Punjabi Video

Promotion on TikTok: iPhone vs Android | Punjabi Video

Promoting business and products on TikTok has become a popular strategy for many marketers and advertisers, especially when targeting Android device users. In this article, we will delve into the experience of using TikTok for promotion and compare the results between iPhone and Android devices.


In a recent video, the narrator shares their experience of promoting a product on TikTok and the significant impact it had on their earnings. They initially selected 36 promotions, and then later increased it to 9,000 promotions for the same video, same coupon, and the same account. The narrator emphasizes the substantial difference this made, attributing a 100% increase in results.

Promotion Results

By conducting the promotion on TikTok, with a focus on Android devices, the narrator highlights the following key points:

  1. Total Revenue: The earnings from the promotion amounted to Rs. 10 plus fees of Rs. 10.78, resulting in a total profit of Rs. 9.
  2. Increased Promotions: The decision to expand the promotions from 36 to 9,000 resulted in a remarkable difference in revenue generation.
  3. Account Engagement: The viewers are encouraged to follow the account for prompt updates.


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Q: What is the significance of using TikTok for business promotion?
A: TikTok offers a vast user base and an engaging platform for businesses to promote their products or services effectively.

Q: Did the narrator observe any difference in results between iPhone and Android devices?
A: The focus of the promotion was on Android devices specifically, with the narrator comparing the impact of promotion on both platforms.

Q: How many promotions were initially selected by the narrator?
A: Thirty-six promotions were initially selected, which later increased to 9,000 promotions for the same video.

Q: What was the difference in revenue observed after increasing the number of promotions?
A: The narrator claims a 100% increase in revenue after expanding the number of promotions from 36 to 9,000.

Q: How much profit did the narrator make from the promotion?
A: The narrator earned Rs. 9 as total profit from the promotion, with a total revenue of Rs. 10 plus fees of Rs. 10.78.

In conclusion, TikTok has emerged as an effective platform for business promotion, particularly when targeting Android device users. The success story shared in the video emphasizes the significant impact of increasing promotions and highlights the need for staying updated by following the account. By utilizing TikTok's vast user base, businesses and advertisers can realize substantial revenue generation and engagement.