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Ranking the Insane Ads on TikTok (Disturbing)

TikTok has taken the world by storm with its short and addictive videos. However, there's an aspect of TikTok that seems to have gone unnoticed – the insane and disturbing ads that pop up on our screens. In this article, we'll dive into the rabbit hole of TikTok ads and rank them based on their shocking content.

Rank S: Matching Mansion

One of the most disturbing TikTok ads is for the game Matchington Mansion. The ad starts innocently enough, but quickly takes a dark turn. We see a child in danger, playing a dangerous game of tug-of-war. The tension builds as the child falls and gets separated from her mother.

As the ad progresses, we witness a series of horrifying scenes, including a freezing cold child, frozen babies trapped in ice, and a baby falling helplessly. The choices made to help these characters are often nonsensical, like using a head tong on a broken window or twigs to fix a roof.

These ads deserve the top spot in our ranking for their distressing and inappropriate content. S-tier is the only suitable place for them.

Rank B: Hollywood Story

Hollywood Story ads bring a different kind of disturbing content to TikTok. They feature women in desperate situations, like having roaches climbing walls, vomit in their hair, or disgusting handprints on the walls. The premise is often focused on these women trying to look presentable in a short amount of time.

While the situations might be distressing, they border on the line between disturbing and comedic. The ads are playful and exaggerated, turning these challenges into something more lighthearted. Despite the questionable portrayal of women, Hollywood Story ads land in the B-tier due to their less intense impact.

Rank D: Project Makeover

Project Makeover ads take a different approach to the disturbing factor. They showcase individuals with unruly hair and unappealing appearances. In an attempt to beautify themselves, they make choices like shaving their heads or applying questionable fashion choices.

While the transformations might be cringe-worthy, they don't reach the same levels of intensity as the S-tier ads. The ads seem to focus more on the shock value rather than depicting genuinely unsettling or distressing situations. For that reason, they rank in the D-tier.

Rank A: Idol Office Tycoon

Idol Office Tycoon ads bring a unique mix of questionable content and comedic value. These ads often include bizarre scenarios, such as a man getting furious after his wife gives birth to a wolf-like creature. While these situations might be unsettling, they're presented in a more light-hearted and exaggerated manner.

Despite the questionable nature of some scenarios, the ads manage to maintain an entertaining tone. They don't fully cross into disturbing territory, earning them a place in the A-tier.

Rank B: Puzzle and Chaos

Puzzle and Chaos ads stand out with their cinematic quality. They often feature medieval-themed scenes where dramatic events unfold. These ads might include childbirth, betrayals, or unexpected encounters. While the content can be intense, the high production value adds a captivating element.

Although some situations may be unsettling, the overall tone and execution of the ads keep them more intriguing than disturbing. As a result, Puzzle and Chaos ranks in the B-tier.


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Q: Are these ads real or just exaggerations? A: These ads are real and can be found on TikTok. However, they often exaggerate situations for entertainment purposes.

Q: Why are these ads allowed on TikTok? A: TikTok has community guidelines, but these ads seem to push the boundaries. It's unclear why some of these ads are not flagged or removed.

Q: Are these ads effective in attracting users? A: It's difficult to say for sure, but these ads are attention-grabbing and have garnered significant attention online. Whether they translate into game downloads or conversions is uncertain.