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TikTok is a popular social media platform where users can showcase their creativity in various ways, including art tutorials. However, not all TikTok art tutorials are created equal. Some may leave viewers confused or disappointed with the lack of instruction or technique. In this article, we'll take a closer look at a TikTok video criticizing art tutorials and provide a detailed breakdown.

Roasting TikTok Art Tutorials

The TikTok video being analyzed in this article critiques various art tutorials found on the platform. The creator of the video humorously expresses their frustration with vague instructions, incorrect terminology, and questionable techniques. While the video is meant to be entertaining, it highlights some common issues found in TikTok art tutorials.

The video starts by addressing an eye-drawing tutorial that confuses the pupil with the iris, showcasing a lack of understanding of basic anatomy. The artist attempts to recreate the tutorial but bemoans the lack of proper guidance throughout the process. They comment on the importance of details, particularly the use of highlights, and how it can elevate a drawing from mediocre to impressive.

The video then moves on to a tutorial on drawing eyebrows. The artist notes that the tutorial disrespects the British community by visually representing the eyebrows in a way that humorously resembles British slang. Despite the humorous commentary, the artist decides to try out the tutorial and offers their own take on it.

Another tutorial shows the "bamboo method" for drawing hands, which breaks down the process into sections. While the artist appreciates the technique, they admit they have been using a similar approach already. They decide to give the tutorial a try and share their own experience with it.

The video concludes with the artist exploring a tutorial on drawing a chocolate bar. They mock the fast pace of the tutorial while humorously trying to keep up. Despite the comedic nature of the video, the artist manages to complete the drawing and shares the final result.


The video analyzed in this article humorously critiques art tutorials found on TikTok. It sarcastically points out the shortcomings and questionable techniques used in these tutorials. While the video is meant to entertain, it highlights the importance of clear instructions and accurate knowledge when creating art tutorials.

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Q: Are TikTok art tutorials helpful? A: TikTok art tutorials can be helpful, but it's important to choose tutorials that provide clear instructions and accurate techniques.

Q: Why are some TikTok art tutorials criticized? A: Some TikTok art tutorials may be criticized for vague instructions, incorrect terminology, or questionable techniques.

Q: How can I find reliable art tutorials on TikTok? A: Look for TikTok creators with a strong background in art or those who consistently receive positive feedback on their tutorials. It's also helpful to read the comments and reviews from other users before trying out a tutorial.