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Ryder Fleet Maintenance Manager Career: Leandro. 36. Leaders in Logistics

Ryder Fleet Maintenance Manager Career: Leandro

Leaders in Logistics

Leandro, the Operations Manager for the Shirts location, shares his career journey at Ryder, a leader in fleet management and supply chain solutions. From his early days working with his father in the garage to becoming a valued manager, Leandro reflects on his experience and the positive work culture at Ryder.

Growing up, Leandro had always been involved in the automotive industry, frequently spending time with his dad in the garage. It was this early exposure that shaped his passion for mechanics and propelled him towards a career in the field. After learning about Ryder through a friend, he decided to apply and started as a technician. Through hard work and dedication, he quickly moved up the ranks to become a Technician in Charge.

Leandro is grateful for the opportunities Ryder has provided him with. He surprised himself as he never anticipated becoming a manager, but he thoroughly enjoys his role and the responsibility it entails. Working with his team brings him great satisfaction, and he values the strong bond and camaraderie they share. There is a sense of unity and support among the team, creating a positive and enjoyable work environment. Laughter, jokes, and a friendly atmosphere greet Leandro every day, making him excited to come to work.

One of the key elements that Leandro appreciates about Ryder is the company's commitment to safety. They prioritize the well-being of their employees by providing safety equipment and maintaining a strong safety culture. From gloves to safety glasses, Ryder ensures that their team has all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). This dedication to safety not only protects the employees but also creates a daily culture where safety becomes ingrained in their work practices.

As an Operations Manager, Leandro is determined to support and empower his team. He understands the significance of training and equipping them with the tools they need to excel in their roles. Ryder's commitment to providing comprehensive training and ongoing support helps him achieve this goal. By investing in his team's professional development, Leandro strives to foster a productive and efficient work environment.


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Q: What is Leandro's role at Ryder?
A: Leandro is the Operations Manager for the Shirts location at Ryder.

Q: How did Leandro start his career at Ryder?
A: Leandro began his journey at Ryder as a technician and progressively moved up to become a Technician in Charge.

Q: What does Leandro enjoy about his role as a manager?
A: Leandro appreciates the positive work culture, teamwork, and the enjoyment he experiences while working with his team.

Q: What is Ryder's commitment to safety?
A: Ryder prioritizes safety by providing employees with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and promoting a strong safety culture.

Q: How does Ryder support the professional development of its employees?
A: Ryder invests in comprehensive training and ongoing support to equip employees with the skills they need to excel in their roles. Leandro is determined to provide his team with the training and tools they require for success.