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SING 2 - Girl on Fire Song Clip (2021)

SING 2 - Girl on Fire Song Clip (2021)

In the upcoming animated film, SING 2, there is a delightful and dreamy scene where one of the characters, Portia, shares her vivid dream with her friends. This dream sequence takes us on a whimsical journey as Portia imagines herself performing a song. Through her enchanting vocals, she captivates her friends and the audience.

The scene begins with Portia expressing her desire to try something exciting, like jumping off from a high surface. However, her father lovingly stops her from doing so, ensuring her safety. Undeterred, Portia invites the moon to join her in her activities. The anticipation builds as Portia contemplates what she will do next.

As Portia looks around at her friends, she realizes that they were all a part of her dream the night before. She excitedly recounts this revelation to them, expressing her joy at seeing them all in the dream. Portia's dream involved her friends asking her to perform a song for them, and she eagerly obliged.

The atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation as Portia prepares to share her talent with her friends. She exudes confidence, ready to showcase her vocal prowess. The dream-like quality of the moment adds to the enchantment, creating a truly magical scene.

The article provides an overview of a song clip from the upcoming film SING 2. It highlights the dream sequence in which Portia shares her vivid dream with her friends and takes center stage to perform a song. The scene is filled with anticipation, joy, and enchantment, leaving the audience eager to see more.


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Q: What is SING 2? A: SING 2 is an upcoming animated film that serves as a sequel to the original SING movie. It features a heartwarming storyline and a talented cast of animated characters.

Q: Who is Portia in SING 2? A: Portia is one of the characters in the film SING 2. She is a young and enthusiastic performer who dreams of showcasing her talent on stage.

Q: What happens in the dream sequence in SING 2? A: In the dream sequence, Portia shares her dream with her friends, revealing that they were all part of it. She expresses her desire to perform a song for them and eagerly takes center stage, captivating her friends and the audience with her vocals.

Q: When will SING 2 be released? A: SING 2 is set to be released in [insert release date here]. Fans of the original film and animated movie enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its arrival.