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SMALL BUSINESS - TikTok Compilation

SMALL BUSINESS - TikTok Compilation

This article is a compilation of various TikTok videos showcasing small businesses and their products. Each video highlights different aspects, including packaging techniques, product descriptions, and creative marketing strategies. These videos demonstrate the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of small business owners.

Video 1: Jennifer's Name Butterfly Necklace

In this video, Jennifer showcases a necklace with her name written in a butterfly design. She explains that she wanted her name to look pretty and chose the butterfly motif to enhance its beauty. Jennifer shares the meaning of her name, "white fairy," symbolizing change, hope, rebirth, and renewal. She believes that every name has its own unique meaning and story.

Video 2: Packing G-Pop Orders

In this video, G-Pop demonstrates the process of packing orders. The items are carefully selected from the inventory shelf and prepared for shipping. G-Pop uses cute packaging materials, including matching goody bags and custom stickers, to create a delightful unboxing experience for customers. The products are secured inside clear poly bags and placed in appropriate poly mailers for shipping.

Video 3: Nikki's Business Journey

Nikki shares her story of starting her own business and reflects on her growth and accomplishments. She compares her initial goals with her current achievements, emphasizing how hard work and determination have contributed to her success. Nikki encourages others to pursue their dreams and not be discouraged by setbacks.

Video 4: Appreciating Underrated TikTok Artists

This video highlights the underappreciated talent on TikTok. The creator expresses frustration when witnessing remarkable artistic creations receive less attention compared to irrelevant content. They advocate for supporting TikTok artists who showcase their skills and abilities, rather than focusing on superficial aspects.

Video 5: Candle Making Business

The video features a small business specializing in handmade candles. The business owner started the venture after making candles for their wedding. They prioritize using 100% soy wax, which is safer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles. The candles contain a higher fragrance oil concentration than the industry standard, ensuring a long-lasting scent. The rustic glass jam jars used for packaging are recyclable and versatile.

Video 6: Advocating for Change in Home Decor

This video suggests a change in the popular "live laugh love" signs often found in households. The creator proposes replacing the phrase with "alive haha" to promote a more vibrant and humorous environment. This lighthearted suggestion encourages individuals to think creatively and step away from clichéd decor choices.

Video 7: Creating Face Masks for Beyoncé

The video showcases the excitement of collaborating with Beyoncé to create face masks for her music video, "Black is King." The creator had only 24 hours to design and deliver the masks, which turned out to be stunning. This opportunity was a significant milestone for the business and a proud moment for the creator.

Video 8: Custom Name Art

In this video, the creator displays a customized artwork with the name "Merry" accompanied by a dragon design. The intricate layers and attention to detail result in a visually appealing piece. The creator invites viewers to suggest names for future artworks, encouraging engagement and interaction.

Video 9: Celebrating Black Creativity

The video celebrates and amplifies the voices of Black creators on TikTok. The creator emphasizes the importance of acknowledging talented individuals and promoting their work. The message encourages support and collaboration within the Black community.


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  1. What do these TikTok videos showcase?

    • These videos showcase small businesses, their products, and various aspects of their operations, such as packaging techniques, product descriptions, and marketing strategies.
  2. What kinds of products are featured in the videos?

    • The videos feature a range of products, including personalized jewelry, handmade candles, face masks, customized artworks, and more.
  3. How do these videos celebrate entrepreneurship?

    • The videos highlight the entrepreneurial spirit and passion of small business owners, emphasizing their hard work, creativity, and achievements.
  4. What marketing strategies are demonstrated in the videos?

    • The videos showcase different marketing strategies, such as engaging packaging, storytelling with product names, and promoting the values and uniqueness of the products.
  5. How do these videos address social and cultural themes?

    • Some videos address social and cultural themes by advocating for underappreciated talent, suggesting changes in home decor, and celebrating Black creativity and collaboration.