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Senior Logistics Manager: Roger- Ryder. 137. Leaders in Logistics

Senior Logistics Manager: Roger - Ryder: Leaders in Logistics

Roger Day, a senior logistics manager at Ryder Last Mile, is responsible for managing the logistics operations of last-mile home delivery. Ryder Last Mile specializes in delivering products to customers' homes, ensuring seamless delivery and customer satisfaction.

The core function of Ryder Last Mile is to handle products that have already been purchased by customers. Upon receiving the products, the team inventories them and updates the customer systems accordingly. Then, using their network of Service Partners and two-man teams with 26-foot straight trucks, Ryder Last Mile ensures that the products reach the customers' homes, where they are set up and verified for usability. Roger's role as a logistics manager involves overseeing all aspects of the operation and ensuring seamless communication and problem-solving.

Roger's typical day involves keeping a close eye on the operations, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. He acts as the central point of contact, ensuring that all teams are communicating effectively and resolving any issues that may arise. With a dedicated focus on customer satisfaction, Roger ensures that the products are delivered to the customers' utmost satisfaction and that any potential hiccups are addressed promptly.

Ryder Last Mile provides its employees with excellent benefits, including healthcare coverage, dental plans, and life insurance. One notable benefit is the outstanding stock program offered by Ryder, providing employees with the opportunity to gain ownership in the company.

If you are an experienced logistics and distribution professional looking for opportunities in a company that values its employees, visit the Ryder website at and explore the career section.

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Q1: What is Ryder's Last Mile vertical? Ryder's Last Mile vertical specializes in last-mile home delivery, ensuring that products purchased by customers reach their homes safely and are set up for immediate use.

Q2: What does a senior logistics manager at Ryder Last Mile do? A senior logistics manager at Ryder Last Mile, such as Roger Day, is responsible for overseeing the logistics operations of last-mile home delivery, ensuring seamless communication and problem-solving to enhance customer satisfaction.

Q3: What benefits does Ryder Last Mile offer its employees? Ryder Last Mile offers a range of benefits to its employees, including healthcare coverage, dental plans, life insurance, and an outstanding stock program that allows employees to gain ownership in the company.

Q4: How can logistics and distribution professionals explore career opportunities at Ryder Last Mile? Logistics and distribution professionals interested in joining Ryder Last Mile can visit the company's website at and navigate to the career section to explore available positions and submit their applications.