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Shopify Spins off Deliverr and 6 River Systems

Shopify Spins off Deliverr and 6 River Systems

In a surprising move, Shopify has announced the spin-off of its logistics business, a decision that has caught the attention of industry insiders and analysts. This move comes as a response to previous speculations and claims that Shopify was set to revolutionize the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) industry. However, the spin-off indicates a shift in focus for the company.

Previously, there were individuals predicting that Shopify, known for its innovation, would encompass all the functions and capabilities of ERP systems, including supply chain management. Some even suggested that ERP systems should be sold as an app on the Shopify Marketplace. These claims, although overarching, failed to take into account the complexities and nuances of enterprise architecture.

In the realm of enterprise architecture, each technology plays a specific role, with innovations occurring within their respective categories. Understanding this, Shopify seems to have realized the limitations of its approach. The decision to spin off its logistics business reflects the company's quest for specialization and focus.

This move by Shopify is generating excitement among industry observers. By spinning off its logistics business, the company is poised to provide undivided attention and resources to this specific aspect of its operations. This strategic move may enable Shopify to tap into the immense potential of the logistics industry.


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  • Q1: What has Shopify announced recently?
    • A1: Shopify has recently announced the spin-off of its logistics business.
  • Q2: What were some previous claims about Shopify's capabilities?
    • A2: People claimed that Shopify would revolutionize the ERP industry and encompass all ERP system functions, including supply chain management.
  • Q3: Why did Shopify decide to spin off its logistics business?
    • A3: Shopify seems to have recognized the importance of specialization and focus, leading to the decision to spin off the logistics business.
  • Q4: What possibilities does the spin-off open up for Shopify?
    • A4: The spin-off allows Shopify to concentrate its attention and resources on the logistics industry, potentially unlocking significant opportunities in this sector.