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Starting an eCommerce business.

Starting an eCommerce business

Starting a business requires the right timing, the right market, but most importantly, a genuine need that you feel compelled to address. In a video discussing the process of starting their own business, the speaker emphasized the importance of identifying a customer need first-hand. The speaker shared their journey of dissatisfaction with outsourcing their business operations, eventually leading them to start their own 3pl business with a clear understanding of what they, as customers, wanted. This real-life experience highlights the significance of being the customer first when venturing into entrepreneurship.


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  1. How important is it to identify a genuine customer need before starting a business?
  • Identifying a genuine customer need is crucial as it forms the foundation of a successful business venture. It helps ensure that the product or service offered fills a gap in the market and resonates with the target audience.
  1. What role does market research play in starting an eCommerce business?
  • Market research is essential in understanding the competitive landscape, consumer preferences, and market trends. It enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about product offerings, pricing strategies, and marketing approaches.
  1. How can being the customer first influence the success of a business?
  • By experiencing the product or service from the customer's perspective, entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights into areas for improvement, innovation, and customer satisfaction. This approach can lead to a more customer-centric business model and enhanced brand loyalty.