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In this article, we will discuss the process of editing Shopee affiliate content without purchasing the products and how to make your content appear on the For You Page (FYP) to gain more views and commissions. We will also explain the concepts of organic and original content and provide tips on creating and editing content for affiliate marketing success.

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Finally I made this video on how to edit and create original content so that FYP and floods of commissions, whether it's a TikTok affiliate, a Shopee affiliate or another affiliate, because I see a lot of friends who may have joined an affiliate but are still confused, actually, how do you do it? create original content or perhaps you often hear that you really have to create organic content but actually don't really understand what is meant by organic and original, so don't worry because I'm going to explain what organic or original content actually is and how we can edit it and create content. affiliate so that FWP plus commissions are a lot. So before continuing, don't forget to support my YouTube first by clicking the like and subscribe button. If it doesn't take long, let's get started, okay, here I will explain a little first, what exactly is meant? with organic content and original content, what is meant by original and organic is authenticity, which means that if a content creator creates organic content, friends, that means content that he created himself, for example on my TikTok or on my Instagram, this is video content that I make it myself, not just random content, because if we take other people's content, it's not good, friends, and in my opinion, there's no benefit whatsoever. Because we won't be anyone if we only take content from other people. Well, based on experience. Personally, after I create original content, it turns out that there are many other benefits, for example, if we create original content, we can be included in the Top Creator on Shopee or we can also become the top Creator on TikTok and if we create original content, we can also have a great opportunity to get endorsements, of course, we want to get endorsements by working with brands, maybe even artists who are all from what we come from, creating original content. Well, I really understand the obstacles that often occur for friends who may be just starting out in in the world of social media and in the world of affiliates, it is difficult to create original content. Well, that's why in this video I'm going to spill it, friends, actually, how can I create original content like this, which means that in the end my content is often watched by a lot of FPs? the commissions are also big and there's a lot of collaboration from brands, I'll spill it, friends. OK, so the first thing is, friends, if you want to create content, make sure you first determine a content niche, so this content is a content theme that It makes us clearer and more focused on what kind of content we want to make. Like that, for example, for me personally, my content is about food and minimalist kitchens, so I will look for references if I make content about food. What does a minimalist kitchen look like? Well, it's like that, guys, that's why I can make content on TikTok and Instagram. I'm about food and about a minimalist kitchen. Because I have clear directions on where I'm going. Well, to make video content, you don't actually have to, ok? friends, to show my face because I personally also generally the content that I present, yes, what I create is content that doesn't show my face. How come, guys, that's why you guys? Try looking for references to content that actually doesn't need to show your face because I'm also a person. I really don't really like making short video content that shows my face because it seems like it's complicated, like having to dress up first, like having to wear neat clothes first, so I'd rather make content that doesn't really show my face or account, what's important is my video. interesting. Well, that's actually the key, friends, I'm spilling too. Some references to content that actually means we don't have to show our faces, for example, like me in food. Food is really possible and you don't need to show your face, you can do that, like recipes, like lunch boxes. Husband's school supplies are really good, guys, you don't have to show your face, and there's also content about product reviews like Unboxing. Actually, you don't actually need to show your face, it's really possible, like traveling content, you don't have to show your face either, because You can focus on your destination. Well, in the fashion section, you can also do it without showing your face, usually in content such as reviews of shoes, sandals and bags. Well, you don't need to show your face either, friends. Well, if it's on clothes, that would be really good. showing your face, but if you don't show your face, it's also really possible, the concept is like a kind of Unboxing, whereas if you choose a niche, the content is about hijab tutorials. Well, it's like whether you want to show your face or not, friends, because hijab tutorials are a must. Yes, look at the face, so you can choose a content niche that doesn't burden you, that's why I chose the food content niche because I think it's simpler and I can focus on that and I can use the furniture in my kitchen to add to it and what second is the way I create content so that it's fyp and lots of people have checked out. In my opinion, the camera is really important, guys, I'm well aware that my previous camera, the Vivo v19, was already 4 years ago and the camera is already a little bit or not. That's clear, that's why I finally really intended it. Yesterday, 2 months, 2 months or 3 months ago, I bought this cellphone and the results are like this. These are the results from my camera, it's a Xiaomi 12t, friends, and I think the camera This is really enough, friends, it can't be denied that a good camera, good lighting also really makes a difference, friends, whether our video will be watched until the end or not, I now understand why people seem to buy iPhones for this purpose. I really understand making content because it turns out that a camera is really necessary and it really has to be really good and bright. Well, this is my personal opinion, friends, when I first started doing YouTube, I also had to invest in buying a good camera. I'm using it now, the camera is good, isn't it? Well, now I'm also investing in buying a new cellphone for my affiliate content. So what, so that lots of people watch it, so lots of people check out the affiliate too. Continue now. The third thing is if we have decided to join the affiliate, friends. -Friends make sure that we have to have a place for us to review products, we have to have a place for us to create content, well for me personally, that's because my content is about food, that's why I seem to be really good in the kitchen, I'm like in this section Well, in this section, I'm really good at it because this is where I create content, this is where I review products, friends, so because it turns out that after I've been directly involved in the world of affiliates, I have my own place to create content, like Is it really necessary or not, that's why I really understand now why people seem willing to renovate the room for their live streaming for UNT to make their content because they really need it and it's a supporting factor that makes our content good, so give it a try, friends. Decide whether or not you can create a place where you can review products there. This is a question that many people ask, actually, if we create original content, where do we get the product? Do we have to buy it or what, first, friends? For me, I really use the products that are in my house. Okay, so let's go back to the first stage, where we have to be able to determine a content niche. So why in the fourth, I use things that are in my house first, because that's the content for me. It's about food, that's why the easiest way for me is to use the products I have at home first, I don't have to buy them, but even if I buy them, friends, I also use them to make unboxing content, but almost 80% of that I make original content. I use the products that are in my house and to be honest there are some products that I don't buy either. Why do I buy them on the marketplace near my house but I look for the link on the marketplace? Well, if the link is there then I just have to direct my followers to order from the marketplace, so I will get a commission. Actually, this trick is often practiced by other affiliates because you don't have to buy everything, friends. Well, for us, we invest first in content at the beginning, so from We can personally ask for free samples from brands, that's why creating organic content is really that important, in my personal opinion, friends. So, if we want to ask for free samples from brands, it will also be easy to get access because we have already invested. That's the kind of content, so the brand will also see it. Is Lovely Iriren's content? What's the matter with how many people are watching? That's what makes the consideration, is the brand wanting to give us free product samples? Well, the fifth one is the supporting factor that really matters. make our videos funny, so they're good, so they make people curious, we have to have an identity, friends, in every video we show, for example, like me on my TikTok, I always use cute fonts, okay? I always use the colors I make. be consistent, so that's what makes people remember Oh, this is Lovei Aira's video. Well, like that, friends, so we have to have an identity in our content. We can make videos using cute, aesthetic fonts like that, my friends, you can do that. You know, you can download fonts for free, it's on, it's on Google, just search there, there are lots of funny fonts, especially now that friends can add some kind of aesthetic symbols like this, it's even funnier, right? Friends, so now that's the era of aesthetics, yes, my version of aesthetics is the concept of video content that has additional funny fonts like funny symbols, well, that's called aesthetics, guys, that's why nowadays it's like everything is aesthetic, right? And the last one from me Don't forget to use an application that makes it easier for you to edit and create video content. Personally, I highly recommend that friends who are beginners can just use the Inshot application. Later, if you have learned the Inshot application, it will be easier if you use the Capcut application. Actually, for the editing application, it seems comfortable, for me personally, maybe because the first time I started editing, I used the Inshot application. So I'm more comfortable using Inshot because the appearance is simpler, whereas for equipment, for example, I want to add transitions or sound. what's going viral is that I'm using Capcut too and those are some of the things that you have to prepare first if you want to create original content and here it is, I'm going to spill How do I edit affiliate content using the Inshot application, here's the tutorial OK, so here it is. Here, I'm using the Inshot application. Well, if you want to edit, just click on the video, then here we click on the plus one. Now here I want to take some raw videos that I've never edited. First here I want to click on the filter, so if it's a short video On average, I use filters, guys, then here I click adjust, here I slide the brightness section to 5, the contrast is usually 10, for warmth it's usually 15, for color it's usually 10. Then when it comes to the UN for saturation, I'm usually at 10 or 15, so the video results are clearer and of course, even though I'm only using Android, it's still clearer too, right? Well, here first I want to play the video first so I'll cut out the important parts. So if you make a short video, that's it. Don't put it all in like that. For example, like this, so here I'm going slowly, I'm going to play it first, then you can see the part I'm moving on the screen. I want to cut it here. I click split then I delete the front part so I only take the middle to the end then I click split again and I click then then here I rotate it again OK like this and here I click split well this is the part I cut then I'll go back again, I'll click again to split it. Well, here it is, op. Up to here, friends, so in Here, I delete the front part, rotate it, so up to here, I click split again, I click delete. Well, I've edited this, friends, and I've sped it up too. So, if I explained one by one about the inshot feature, the duration would be really long, maybe in the next video I will discuss the details in more detail, okay, so it's more or less like this, guys, what I mean is, if we just take the most important part now, let's just click on the text part, where here we have to make a title. Okay, let's click. So for the title. Here, the title is grocery shopping, which means that what I'm affiliated with is this wicker basket, guys. Well, it's like this, it's pretty, isn't it? Then don't forget to set the title to where it goes. Well, after this, don't forget to enter our name and also our social media. So, for example, if someone wants to take our video, they can't do that, it already has our name written on it, so it would be really noticeable if, for example, he took our video, it also has our writing, right, like that, okay, that's it, if it's like this, just swipe to so that the text reaches all the videos, that's the result guys, so if we make affiliate content, don't go straight to the point, namely, don't forget to buy this wicker basket, it's all cheap, don't be like that, if it's like that, it won't look like it's really selling, it's better if we make content like this is what makes people want to watch our video first until it's finished, then in the middle of the video it's usually like there's a feeling of wanting to know, like, where did you buy the wicker basket? So it's like that, guys. Okay, that's it, friends. tutorial, so from now on, friends, you can just make Original content. I want to say thank you very much for watching my video until the end. Wait for me in the next content. Don't forget to support my YouTube and [Music] bye.

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  1. What is the importance of creating original and organic content for affiliate marketing? Creating original and organic content helps to build authenticity and trust with your audience. It also increases your chances of being noticed by brands, gaining endorsements, and getting featured on platforms like Shopee or TikTok.

  2. Do I need to show my face in my content? No, you don't have to show your face in your content. You can choose a content niche that doesn't require showing your face, such as food, product reviews, travel, or fashion. The key is to focus on creating engaging and interesting videos that capture your audience's attention.

  3. How can I ask for free samples from brands? By creating organic content and showcasing your expertise and influence in your niche, brands may be interested in collaborating with you and providing free product samples. It's important to invest in your content at the beginning and show the brand that you are serious about promoting their products.

  4. What editing applications can I use for affiliate content? For beginners, the Inshot application is recommended for editing video content. Once you have mastered Inshot, you can also try using the Capcut application for more advanced editing features like transitions and sound.

  5. How can I make my videos more appealing and memorable? Adding funny fonts, creating a consistent aesthetic, and incorporating your own unique identity in your videos can make them more appealing and memorable. Experiment with different fonts, colors, and symbols to make your content stand out and make your viewers want to watch until the end.

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