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TIKTOK Creator Marketplace vs TIKTOK Creator Fund | What I charge for a TikTok

TIKTOK Creator Marketplace vs TIKTOK Creator Fund | What I charge for a TikTok

I recently joined the TikTok Creator Marketplace, and now I find myself struggling to navigate my way out of it. In this article, I'll share my experience with the marketplace, the challenges I've faced, and my thoughts on whether it's worth joining. Let's dive in.

My Experience with the TikTok Creator Marketplace

Upon joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace, I was bombarded with random and often inappropriate collaboration offers. Despite setting my rates and preferences clearly, I received requests for unpaid work and from brands that didn't align with my values. The lack of professionalism and unclear collaboration guidelines only made matters worse.

As a creator, I value working with brands that align with my content and values. But the marketplace seems to prioritize quantity over quality, flooding my notifications with irrelevant collaboration offers. It has become an overwhelming experience that has made me regret joining the marketplace in the first place.

The Difference between TikTok Creator Marketplace and TikTok Creator Fund

Before we move further, let's clarify the difference between the TikTok Creator Marketplace and the TikTok Creator Fund. The Creator Fund is designed to reward creators with highly-engaged videos that receive a significant number of views. On the other hand, the Creator Marketplace aims to connect brands with creators for collaborations.

Is It Worth Joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace?

Based on my personal experience, I cannot recommend joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace. While it may work differently for others, I have struggled to find value in the marketplace. It has brought me more frustration with unprofessional brands and random collaboration requests.

Instead, I suggest taking a proactive approach by pitching to brands directly. Creating your own media kit and reaching out to brands that align with your content will likely yield more fruitful and satisfying collaborations. This has been my preferred method of securing brand deals outside of TikTok.


  • TikTok Creator Marketplace
  • TikTok Creator Fund
  • Collaboration offers
  • Unpaid work
  • Brand alignment
  • Professionalism
  • Media kit
  • Brand deals


  1. How can I leave the TikTok Creator Marketplace?

    • Unfortunately, I couldn't find a clear way to leave the marketplace myself. If you have successfully left the marketplace, please share your experience in the comments.
  2. Can joining the TikTok Creator Marketplace affect my views?

    • Some believe that declining collaborations from the marketplace can result in a drop in views, but it's unclear if this is the case for everyone. Personal experiences may vary, and changes in views could also be attributed to algorithmic fluctuations.
  3. How can I secure brand deals outside of TikTok?

    • Pitching yourself directly to brands with a well-crafted media kit is an effective way to secure brand deals independently. This allows you to approach brands that align with your content and negotiate terms that are beneficial to both parties.
  4. Is the TikTok Creator Marketplace a good platform for collaborations?

    • Based on my experience and the experiences of others, the TikTok Creator Marketplace may not be the best platform for fruitful collaborations. The marketplace tends to generate random and unaligned brand offers, leading to frustration and a lack of professionalism.