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TUTORIAL | ♡how to make a tiktok/reels minivlog, easy + detailed, tripods, CAPCUT beginner editing

TUTORIAL | ♡ how to make a TikTok/Reels minivlog, easy + detailed: tripods, CAPCUT beginner editing

Are you looking to start your own vlog channel on YouTube or create exciting content for TikTok and Reels? In this tutorial, I'll walk you through the entire process of making a mini vlog, from filming to editing and finding the perfect music. It's easier than you think, so let's get started!

Step 1: Introduction and Tools

Hey, guys! Welcome to my channel. I'm Gabby, better known as Gemiini Vlogs on TikTok. Today, I'm excited to kickstart my YouTube channel by showing you how I make my mini vlogs. This is the most highly requested video I've received, so I'm thrilled to share my process with you.

Before we dive in, let me introduce you to some essential tools. For filming, I use a tripod to keep my camera stable and capture smooth footage. I recommend investing in a good tripod like the UB Size Tripod from Amazon or the Manfrotto Tripod for versatile angles and easier adjustments. Additionally, I carry a smaller tripod for on-the-go situations, like vlogging while shopping at the grocery store.

Step 2: Filming a Day in the Life

To give you a glimpse into my day in the life, I'll take you along on my vlogging journey. As I go about my day, I film various clips to capture the moments I want to share with my audience. Whether it's my morning routine, skincare, or even a trip to the grocery store, every detail counts.

Step 3: Editing with CapCut

Now, it's time to edit the video. I use CapCut, a user-friendly editing app that makes the process quick and easy. First, create a new project and import all the video clips you filmed earlier. Arrange them in the order you want to edit them, creating a sequence of events for your vlog.

Next, find the perfect audio to accompany your video. Search for audio on TikTok, save it to your favorites, and import it into CapCut. Extract the audio from the original video and delete the clip you no longer need. This step ensures you have the best music to complement your footage.

Now, it's time to edit the video to the beat of the music. Use the split tool to cut the clips where you want them, deleting any unnecessary portions. Arrange the clips in the desired order, adjusting them as needed. Once you're satisfied, export the video in 4K resolution for high-quality playback.

Step 4: Posting on TikTok/Reels

With the video edited, it's time to share it with the world. Open TikTok or Reels and select the video from your camera roll. Lower the original volume to zero, add back in the saved audio, and adjust the text and captions as desired. Choose an appealing cover for your video and hit publish. Congratulations, you've created your mini vlog!


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Q: What tripod do you recommend for vlogging? A: I recommend the UB Size Tripod from Amazon for its affordability and versatility. The Manfrotto Tripod is also a great option, especially for its fully rotatable head.

Q: Do I need a tripod to start vlogging? A: While a tripod helps in stabilizing your camera and capturing smooth footage, it isn't mandatory. You can still create vlogs using just your smartphone.

Q: Is CapCut the best editing app for beginners? A: CapCut is an excellent editing app for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and powerful editing capabilities. However, other apps like InShot are also worth considering based on personal preferences.

Q: Can I edit my vlogs on a laptop instead of a phone? A: Yes, many creators prefer editing their vlogs on a laptop for more extensive editing options. However, using CapCut or similar apps on your phone offers a quick and easy editing experience.

Q: How important is the choice of music for a vlog? A: Music sets the mood and enhances the overall viewing experience for your audience. Choose music that aligns with the content and enhances the emotions you want to convey.

I hope this tutorial has inspired you to start your own vlog channel or create engaging content for TikTok and Reels. Remember, the key is to take that first step, and with the right tools and techniques, you can create amazing mini vlogs. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to my channel if you found this tutorial helpful. Happy vlogging!