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TVS Supply Chain - Stock bottomed out or more pain ahead

TVS Supply Chain - Stock Bottomed Out or More Pain Ahead?

A few months ago, a detailed video on the opportunities in the logistics sector in India highlighted the growth drivers, including the focus of global MNCs on reducing dependency on China, India's potential in global manufacturing, and the rise of the e-commerce industry. The Indian government's initiatives, key reforms, and top stocks in the Indian logistic sector were also discussed. This article explores the recent performance of TV Supply Chain's stock, reasons for its correction, company fundamentals, future prospects, valuation, and guidance on whether to buy, hold, or sell the stock.

The correction in TV Supply Chain's stock price can be attributed to weaker quarter results, primarily due to underperformance in its Network Solution vertical. Despite reporting losses at the PAT level, the company has strong fundamentals, with a leadership position in the B2B supply chain, a global presence, investments in technology, and a reputable parent company in TVS Group. TV Supply Chain aims for significant revenue and profit growth in the coming years, supported by global trends and government initiatives. The company's valuation appears attractive, with a market cap of 6,800 CR and promising long-term growth prospects.


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