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Talking Shop Ep. 15 - UK footfall rises, TikTok for small businesses & Googles auto-recommendations

Talking Shop Ep. 15 - UK Footfall Rises, TikTok for Small Businesses & Google's Auto-Recommendations

Welcome back to Talking Shop, a series where we discuss the latest news and updates in e-commerce and retail. In this episode, we'll be covering the reopening of non-essential businesses, the rollout of auto-applied recommendations by Google Ads, the growing popularity of TikTok for small businesses, and the addition of a new page experience report in Google Search Console.

Non-Essential Retail Businesses Reopen

Non-essential retail businesses reopened their doors on April 12th. It's great news for brick-and-mortar businesses as research shows a significant increase in footfall across high streets, retail parks, and shopping centers. From April 11th to 17th, footfall rose by 330% compared to the same week last year. The East Midlands, South East, and South West of England experienced the most substantial increase in footfall. While this surge in in-store shopping is exciting, it remains to be seen whether it will be sustained or if online shopping will regain its popularity in the long term.

Google recently announced the rollout of its auto-applied Google Ads recommendations. This feature allows advertisers to choose from over 17 recommendations to apply automatically within their Google Ads settings. While Google claims that this can improve account performance and save time, it may not always be the best approach. It's essential to seek advice from experts and consider your specific goals and strategies when optimizing your ads. If you require assistance, you can reach out to our ECAM Google specialists.

TikTok: The Platform for Small Businesses

TikTok, the social media platform, has become a powerful tool for small businesses to promote their products. With 698 million users, it offers excellent reach and engagement. Many small business owners have gone viral on TikTok, leading to a significant increase in orders overnight. The hashtag #smallbusinesscheck has garnered 8.5 billion views and counting. Its discoverability and the ability to engage with audiences who may not be following your account make TikTok an attractive platform for small businesses.

Google Search Console's New Page Experience Report

Google Search Console has introduced a new page experience report, allowing site owners to improve their pages with the upcoming page experience update in mind. This report combines the core web vitals report with other relevant metrics. However, Google has postponed the rollout of the page experience update to provide site owners with additional tools and time for optimization. The ranking change, originally scheduled for May, will now be gradually rolled out from mid-June and completed by the end of August. The delay allows businesses more time to enhance their page experience.


  • Non-essential retail
  • Footfall
  • Google Ads auto-applied recommendations
  • TikTok for small businesses
  • Google Search Console page experience report


  • What is the impact of non-essential retail businesses reopening in the UK?
  • How does Google Ads' auto-applied recommendations feature work?
  • Why is TikTok gaining popularity among small businesses?
  • What does Google's page experience report add to Search Console?