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The 5 Best POS Systems With Inventory Management

The 5 Best POS Systems With Inventory Management

Welcome back Mavericks! Today we're going to talk about a topic that is often a thorn in the side of retail and restaurant businesses - Inventory management. Fortunately, you don't have to become an inventory management expert to run a small business, because your POS system can do that for you. So let's dive right into our highest-rated POS systems for managing your small business inventory.

First up is Light Speed, our choice for the best all-around POS system with inventory management. Light Speed offers terrific features for inventory, catering to both restaurants and retail businesses. Some tasks you can do with Light Speed include viewing all stock on hand, ordering stock directly from the POS, and managing inventories across all sales channels. It also integrates with third-party inventory software solutions for enhanced capabilities.

Shopify is another great POS system for managing online inventories and syncing online and in-person sales channels, especially for retail businesses. With Shopify, you can scan inventory, request transfers, receive alerts for low stock, and manage in-store and online inventories seamlessly.

Square offers a scalable and affordable solution for inventory management, with features like bulk inventory management, stock alerts, and the ability to create new inventory items easily. Square is great for newer businesses with relatively basic inventory needs looking for a free POS system with management capabilities.

Revel Systems is customizable for any industry but popular with Quick Serve restaurants, offering fast processing speed, ingredient management, and purchase order functionalities. Revel is recommended for well-established multilocation businesses that need advanced, customizable features.

Hike is an affordable and flexible POS option suitable for retail or small food businesses. With features like unlimited inventory items, inventory tracking, auto-reordering based on stock levels, and flexible integrations, Hike is a good choice for businesses with a large retail inventory.


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