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The 7 BEST TikTok Niches in 2024 To Earn $10,000+ a Month (Creativity Program)

The 7 BEST TikTok Niches in 2024 To Earn $10,000+ a Month (Creativity Program)

Are you ready to make $110,000 a month on the TikTok Creativity Program? Well, it's your time to shine in 2024. In this article, we will explore the seven best niches that are currently blowing up on TikTok and a special bonus tip that can skyrocket your monthly revenue. So, let's dive in!

But before we begin, please note that the TikTok Creativity Program is not available in all countries. However, we have teamed up with to give everyone the opportunity to join the program, regardless of their location. You can purchase a US-based TikTok account from them to access the program. Use the code "Dennis" at checkout for a 20% discount.

Now, let's move on to the niches that can help you make significant income on TikTok.

Niche 1: Lego AI Creators

A trend that is currently exploding on TikTok is using an app to turn people into Lego characters. Creators are getting thousands, if not millions, of views by applying this technique to sports highlights and bypassing copyright checks. The app you can use for this is called "Restyle Cartoon Yourself." Check out Lego AI on TikTok for inspiration.

Niche 2: Stoic Stories

Stoic stories are gaining popularity on TikTok. You can create one-minute or longer storytelling videos about famous stoics like Marcus Aurelius. To make the content creation process easier, you can use the all-in-one content creation app, "Flexclip." They offer AI scripting, voiceovers, and editing features to streamline your content production. Check out Stoic Mentor and The Great Stoic on TikTok for ideas.

Niche 3: Facts from Countries

People love anything related to their country, so creating videos with intriguing facts about a specific country can be a hit on TikTok. Use apps like Flexclip or Capcut to edit your videos. Transrating and Mathematica are good example pages to check out for inspiration.

Niche 4: Amazing Google Earth Finds

Share fascinating and lesser-known places on Earth discovered through Google Earth. Make sure to create a compelling hook at the beginning of your videos to capture viewers' attention. Dive into Google Earth and compile videos or images of these places. Check out pages like OhInteresting and RevealThings for inspiration.

Niche 5: Self-Improvement and Productivity

As the new year rolls in, self-improvement and productivity content is in high demand. Focus on topics like looks-maxing and create videos about fashion, skincare routines, gym routines, and more. You can be anonymous in this niche, and including affiliate links for recommended products can also generate income.

Niche 6: Moneymaking Niche

Money is a topic that interests almost everyone. Get creative in this niche by creating videos about people who have made money online, the top wealth creation methods, or even ranking different ways to make money. This niche is scalable, and you can expand to other platforms like podcasts to interview successful individuals.

Niche 7: Random Celebrity Stories

Drama and storytelling about celebrities always captivate audiences. Keep up with the latest news and create videos about interesting stories or facts about celebrities. Pages like DramaAlert with Keemstar are excellent examples to follow.

Bonus Tip: Skyrocket Your RPM

To double, triple, or even quadruple your revenue with the same time and effort, pay attention to your Revenue per Million (RPM). Focus on high RPM topics and audiences. Implement strategies to increase your RPM and earn more from your TikTok videos.

That wraps up the seven best TikTok niches for 2024 and the bonus tip to boost your earnings. Get started, unleash your creativity, and make money on TikTok!


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Q: Is the TikTok Creativity Program available worldwide?

A: No, currently, the program is not available in all countries. However, you can purchase a US-based TikTok account from to join the program no matter where you live.

Q: What app can I use to turn people into Lego characters?

A: Use the app called "Restyle Cartoon Yourself" to turn people into Lego characters and create engaging videos.

Q: How can I improve my RPM on TikTok?

A: Focus on high RPM topics and audiences, and consider incorporating affiliate links, storytelling, and engaging hooks in your videos. For further tips on boosting your RPM, check out the accompanying video in this article.

Q: Are there any recommended pages to follow in these niches?

A: Yes, we recommend checking out Lego AI, Stoic Mentor, The Great Stoic, Transrating, Mathematica, OhInteresting, RevealThings, and DramaAlert with Keemstar for inspiration and ideas.

Q: Can I remain anonymous in the self-improvement niche?

A: Yes, you can create content in the self-improvement niche while remaining anonymous. Focus on providing valuable information and building a well-rounded online persona.

Q: Is it necessary to purchase a US-based TikTok account to access the Creativity Program?

A: If the Creativity Program is not available in your country, purchasing a US-based TikTok account is one option to access the program. However, be sure to use the discount code "Dennis" to receive a 20% off at checkout from

Q: How can I make engaging and captivating storytelling videos on TikTok?

A: Using an all-in-one content creation app like Flexclip can simplify the process of creating storytelling videos. Utilize their AI scripting, AI voiceovers, and editing features to streamline your content production.