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The BEST New Niche for TikTok Creativity Program! (2024)

The BEST New Niche for TikTok Creativity Program! (2024)

Are you looking for an easy and profitable niche to start creating videos for the new TikTok Creativity Program? Well, look no further! In this article, we will discuss the best niche that combines two different niches into a single viral account - Reddit stories. With just a few clicks, you can potentially make thousands of dollars online. So, let's dive in and explore this unique opportunity!

Step 1: Creating Reddit Story Style Videos

To start, we need to use a video editing tool called CapCut. Go to Google and search for CapCut, then click on the first link to access the tool. Sign up using your Google account and create a new workspace. From the workspace, click on the "Create a new space" button and give it a name, such as "Wealth AI Reddit Stories".

In CapCut, click on the blue "Create video" button and choose the 9x16 aspect ratio, which is commonly used for TikTok videos. Now, it's time to add content to our video.

First, find copyright-free Minecraft Parkour videos on YouTube. Filter the search results to include only Creative Commons videos. Choose a video, click on the "Share" option, and copy the video's link. Paste the link in an MP4 converter to download the footage.

Next, visit the subreddit called r/Confessions on Reddit. Sort the posts by popularity to find trending and interesting stories. Take a screenshot of the title that catches your attention. Copy the text from the story and generate a unique voiceover using a tool like 11 Labs.

Back in CapCut, insert the Minecraft footage as the background. Adjust the size of the footage to fit the entire screen. Drag and center the screenshot of the title. Import the generated voiceover and position it accordingly. To add captions, use CapCut's autocaptions feature and tweak the text settings. Make sure to set the captions to animate word by word for increased engagement.

To enhance the video further, you can add sound effects and animations. For example, include a swish sound effect at the beginning and animate the title screenshot to shake on the screen.

Step 2: A Creative Twist - Replicating Successful Accounts

In this step, we'll explore a creative twist to create Reddit story-style videos. Start by checking out the most popular accounts on TikTok that create similar content. Identify their top-performing videos and download them. Transcribe the dialogues from these videos and give the script a unique twist.

To transcribe the videos, you can use a tool like Dubdub. Create an account and choose the transcription option. Paste the TikTok video links and let the tool generate the video script for you.

Once you have the script, use a text generator like Chat GPT to rewrite the story while maintaining the same tone and style. This step allows you to replicate the account's successful videos, leveraging their already proven viral potential.

Follow the same steps mentioned in Step 1 to create the video using CapCut. Replace the Minecraft footage with engaging bikini swimwear runway videos, which you can find from popular accounts. Combine the transcribed story with the new footage, title screenshots, and voiceovers to create compelling and unique videos.

Step 3: Relationship Advice and Bikini Swimwear Runways

Now, let's explore another strategy that combines Reddit stories with bikini swimwear runway videos. This niche can attract a significant audience as it combines relationship advice and visually appealing content. Follow the steps mentioned in Step 1, but instead of Minecraft footage, use popular bikini swimwear runway videos from accounts that regularly post such content.

For the stories, visit the subreddit r/relationship_advice. Choose compelling stories from this subreddit and generate voiceovers using the same process mentioned before. By combining relationship advice stories with bikini swimwear runway videos, you create engaging and viral content that can potentially attract a wide audience.


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Q: What is the TikTok Creativity Program? A: The TikTok Creativity Program is a new initiative that allows creators to utilize the platform's creative tools and algorithms to produce compelling and engaging content.

Q: Can I reuse Minecraft Parkour footage without copyright issues? A: Yes, as long as you select Creative Commons videos and properly credit the original creator, you can reuse Minecraft Parkour footage without copyright issues.

Q: How can I make my Reddit story-style videos stand out? A: To stand out, you can add unique twists to the stories, incorporate engaging visuals like bikini swimwear runway videos, and experiment with different voiceovers, sound effects, and animations.

Q: Are there any specific subreddits I should focus on for Reddit stories? A: It depends on your target audience and niche. Subreddits like r/Confessions and r/relationship_advice often provide compelling stories that can be used for Reddit story-style videos.

Q: Can these strategies be used on other platforms besides TikTok? A: While these strategies are specifically designed for TikTok's Creativity Program, you can adapt them to other short-form video platforms with similar features and algorithms.

Remember, these strategies provide a framework for creating viral content on TikTok's Creativity Program. Feel free to experiment, improvise, and make your videos unique to attract a wider audience. Happy creating and best of luck in your money-making journey!