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The Creator Fund Explained - The Sandbox

The Creator Fund Explained - The Sandbox

In today's video, we will be discussing the Creator Fund and its role within The Sandbox. While the Creator Fund is currently not accepting applications, it serves as a platform for artists to create and upload pre-approved assets to the marketplace. Let's dive into the details of how the Creator Fund works and why it is essential for maintaining quality and consistency within The Sandbox.

Understanding the Creator Fund

  1. Group-based Asset Creation: Artists within the Creator Fund are organized into groups and are given monthly themes to work on. They are provided with a set color palette and a specific style to adhere to. Although there is a certain level of creative freedom allowed within these parameters, overall consistency is maintained.
  2. Approval Process: Once artists create their assets, they undergo a review process. Group leaders check over the assets and provide feedback. After that, another round of review takes place, where the assets are either marked as approved or given additional feedback for improvements.
  3. Pre-Approved Assets: Only the assets that have been approved can be uploaded to the marketplace. These assets are considered "pre-approved" as they have gone through the manual review process. Artists can mark their pre-approved assets for upload, and their group leaders have the authority to publish them to the marketplace.

Importance of the Approval Process

It's crucial for the Creator Fund to have a thorough approval process to ensure the quality and consistency of assets in The Sandbox. By manually reviewing assets, the team can maintain a high standard in the marketplace. While the current process is manual, the intention is to move towards a more automated system as The Sandbox progresses towards user-generated content.

Limitations and Future Possibilities

As of now, only a small selection of approved assets are chosen to be put up for sale. This selection process is also manual and requires specific in-game currencies like gems and catalysts, which are not currently available for purchase or earning. However, the team intends to make these currencies accessible in the future, as they work towards allowing user-generated content.

Benefits of Participating in the Creator Fund

Although artists cannot currently sell their assets directly, there are still several benefits to being a part of the Creator Fund. Some of these include:

  1. Vox Edit Contests: Artists can participate in Vox Edit contests where they have the chance to win exciting prizes.
  2. Building a Portfolio: The Creator Fund allows artists to build up a portfolio of assets ready for when user-generated content becomes available. This way, they can upload their assets seamlessly.
  3. Game Development: Artists can create their assets for games they plan to develop and participate in game jams. This helps them practice their skills and showcase their creativity.


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Q1: Can anyone join the Creator Fund? Currently, the Creator Fund is not accepting new applications. However, it may open up for new participants in the future.

Q2: How are assets chosen to be put up for sale in the marketplace? Only a small selection of assets that have been approved by the review process are chosen to be sold. The selection is based on various factors, including quality and suitability for the marketplace.

Q3: Can artists sell their approved assets directly? No, the approval of assets does not automatically make them available for sale. The process requires specific in-game currencies and is currently not accessible. However, plans are in place to make these currencies available in the future.

Q4: What if an artist wants to create assets for their own game? Artists can still create assets for their personal game projects and participate in game jams within the Creator Fund. This allows them to practice their skills and prepare their assets for future upload.

Q5: Are there any alternative ways to showcase creativity within the Creator Fund? Yes, artists can participate in Vox Edit contests conducted within the Creator Fund. These contests provide an opportunity to win prizes and demonstrate artistic talent.