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The EASIEST Way To Get 10k Followers on TikTok in 2024 (step by step guide)

The EASIEST Way To Get 10k Followers on TikTok in 2024 (Step by Step Guide)

If you're looking to gain 10,000 followers on TikTok as quickly as possible, this step-by-step guide will provide you with a four-step blueprint to achieve that goal. Gaining 10,000 followers is crucial if you want to get paid from TikTok and join the TikTok Creativity Beta Program. By reaching this milestone, you open up the opportunity to earn thousands of dollars every month simply by posting on the platform. In fact, there are creators with small accounts making over $10,000 a month, and you can do the same by implementing the four steps outlined below.

Step 1: Take Advantage of TikTok's Latest Features

To maximize your follower growth, it's important to leverage TikTok's latest features. Currently, there are a few features that TikTok is promoting more than others. The first feature you should be using is the green screen feature. By incorporating the green screen into your content, TikTok recognizes this and boosts your content's reach. Green screening also encourages you to create content that aligns with current trends, as you'll need relevant articles or topics for the green screen effect.

Another feature to utilize is playing games on TikTok. Creating content around gaming is popular on the platform, as many users enjoy watching others play games. By playing games in your videos, you can tap into this audience and increase your content's visibility.

Lastly, carousel posts are currently the easiest way to gain more followers. These posts require less time to create compared to videos and allow for effective calls to action at the end. Include a hook, tell a story or present a few items, and encourage viewers to follow for more similar content. TikTok is actively promoting carousel posts, leading to increased engagement and follower growth.

Step 2: Post with the Right Frequency and Timing

Posting frequency and timing play a crucial role in gaining followers on TikTok. It's important to find the right balance and not overwhelm your audience with excessive content. Start by uploading one to two times a day and gradually increase to three to four times if feasible. However, one to two posts a day is sufficient to see growth.

Additionally, spacing out your posts is crucial. Wait at least one hour between posts to ensure eligibility for the same person's "For You" page. If you don't wait the minimum hour gap, your content won't reach its full potential. Furthermore, if you have a post performing exceptionally well, wait 24 hours before posting again to avoid overshadowing your viral video. Replacing a successful post with one that has limited reach could hinder your follower growth.

Step 3: Study and Adapt to What Works Within Your Niche

Rather than reinventing the wheel, focus on what is already working within your niche. Put yourself in your ideal viewer's shoes and analyze the types of content they engage with. Look for common formats, hooks, topics, and lengths that garner the most attention. By incorporating these elements into your content, you align with viewer preferences and increase the likelihood of your content reaching your target audience.

It's crucial to create content for your audience, not just for your own preferences. Tailoring your content to what your ideal viewers enjoy watching will significantly improve your follower growth. Remember, TikTok shows users content based on their past interactions. By emulating the content they interact with, your chances of appearing on their "For You" page increase.

Step 4: Double Down on What Works

One common mistake made by creators, especially smaller accounts, is failing to double down on content that performs well. If you have a video that receives an exceptional number of views, use that content as a reference and replicate its successful elements. Ensure your subsequent posts follow a similar format, length, and hook. By consistently implementing strategies that have proven successful, you maximize your reach and follower growth.


In summary, the easiest way to gain 10,000 followers on TikTok in 2024 is by taking advantage of TikTok's latest features, posting at the right frequency and timing, studying and adapting to what works within your niche, and doubling down on successful content. By incorporating these strategies into your TikTok strategy, you can accelerate your follower growth and reach the coveted 10,000 follower milestone.


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  1. How long does it take to reach 10,000 followers on TikTok?

    • The time required to reach 10,000 followers on TikTok varies depending on various factors such as content quality, engagement, consistency, and audience targeting. Following the steps outlined in this guide can potentially expedite the process.
  2. Can I still gain followers if I don't use TikTok's latest features?

    • While utilizing TikTok's latest features can boost your reach, it's not the sole determining factor for follower growth. However, incorporating these features increases the likelihood of your content being seen by a wider audience, ultimately leading to more followers.
  3. Should I post more than four times a day to gain followers quickly?

    • It's recommended to start with one to two posts per day and gradually increase to three to four if feasible. Quality content is key, so focus on maintaining consistency while ensuring each post adds value to your audience.
  4. What if I don't know what type of content my ideal viewers enjoy?

    • Conduct thorough research within your niche. Analyze successful content from creators with a similar target audience and identify the common elements that resonate with viewers. Implementing these elements in your own content can lead to increased follower growth.
  5. How important is it to adapt to TikTok's algorithm changes?

    • Adapting to TikTok's algorithm changes is vital for staying relevant and maximizing your reach. By understanding how the algorithm works and adjusting your content strategy accordingly, you can enhance your chances of gaining followers on the platform.