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The Military Branches’ Recruiters Calling Applicants, probably.

The Military Branches’ Recruiters Calling Applicants

The military branches in the United States have always worked diligently to attract new recruits, employing various tactics to entice individuals to join their ranks. In a humorous video script, we witness the recruiters making their pitches to potential applicants. Let's take a closer look at what each branch is offering to prospective recruits.

Army: Infantry and Jump School

The Army recruiter in the video focuses on the opportunities within the Infantry. They mention the relatively easy training in Jump School, which could be an enticing aspect for individuals seeking this kind of challenge. Additionally, the recruiter highlights the potential for bonuses and urges the applicant to consider signing up.

The Navy recruiters present the choice between two modes of transportation: a large steel tube above water or a small steel tube below water. While the decision may seem unconventional, it captures the essence of serving in the Navy and showcases the diversity within the branch.

Coast Guard: Search and Rescue

The Coast Guard's recruiter discusses the opportunity to get paid for engaging in search and rescue operations. They emphasize the critical role of finding drugs and assisting drowning individuals, suggesting that this is a noble and rewarding path for someone interested in serving their country.

Marine Corps: Toughness and Appearance

The Marine Corps recruiter specifically targets individuals who are willing to endure physical challenges. They mention that although recruits may suffer, they will look exceptionally good while doing so. This pitch highlights the Marine Corps' reputation for toughness and personal pride.


In this amusing script, the military branches' recruiters playfully showcase the unique offerings of each branch. While the Army highlights the Infantry and Jump School, the Navy presents the option of submarines or surface ships. The Coast Guard emphasizes the search and rescue aspect, while the Marine Corps appeals to individuals looking to demonstrate their resilience and physical appearance.


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Q: What are the branches of the military in the US? A: The main branches of the military in the United States are the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Each branch has its own unique role and responsibilities.

Q: What opportunities does the Army offer? A: The Army provides a wide range of opportunities, including specialized training in fields such as Infantry. They also offer programs like Jump School and various bonuses for eligible recruits.

Q: What choices are available in the Navy? A: The Navy offers diverse opportunities, with recruits having the option to serve aboard submarines or surface ships. Each option comes with its own distinct experiences and challenges.

Q: What does the Coast Guard focus on? A: The Coast Guard specializes in search and rescue operations, with recruits having the chance to get paid while actively participating in finding drugs and assisting drowning individuals.

Q: Why would someone consider joining the Marine Corps? A: The Marine Corps prides itself on toughness and personal appearance. They appeal to individuals seeking physical challenges and the opportunity to look exceptionally good while serving.