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The importance of e-commerce logistics for SingPost today | Managing Asia

The importance of e-commerce logistics for SingPost today | Managing Asia

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Singapore Post (SingPost), one of Southeast Asia's largest postal and logistics companies, is gearing up for the booming e-commerce market in the region. With Southeast Asia predicted to reach a market value of $88 billion by 2025, SingPost is strategically positioning itself to meet the increasing demand for e-commerce logistics services.

SingPost's main central control point in Singapore handles over 3 million items daily, making it the busiest facility in the organization. During peak seasons like Christmas and major sales events like Alibaba's Double Eleven and Rosada's Twelve Twelve, the volume of packages handled skyrockets. SingPost's operations team works tirelessly to ensure stable service levels while ramping up volumes to meet the surge in demand.

SingPost values its relationship with Alibaba, China's internet giant, which has a stake of close to 14% in the company. The partnership extends beyond Alibaba itself to include its logistics organization in China, as well as cross-border express parcel operator 4px. SingPost also has a significant customer in Lazada, a leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia. Discussions between SingPost and Lazada revolve around leveraging SingPost's infrastructure to support Lazada's growth trajectory strategically.

With e-commerce continuing to thrive in Southeast Asia, the importance of efficient e-commerce logistics cannot be overstated. SingPost's strategic partnerships and robust infrastructure make it a key player in meeting the region's growing logistics needs.


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