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The new way to make money online in 2024 #entrepreneur #sidehustle #income #ecommerce #amzfinds

The new way to make money online in 2024 ? #entrepreneur #sidehustle #income #ecommerce #amzfinds

Don't sell on Amazon in 2024, as mentioned in a video, but instead invest in companies that have already established themselves, such as Sony, Logitech, and Fiji. By buying their products at wholesale prices and selling them on Amazon, individuals can earn a significant income without owning the products themselves. This strategy has led to individuals like Terrell making six figures a year within just 11 months of starting. To learn more about this lucrative opportunity, comment the word "Amazon" below the video to receive guidance.


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  1. Why is selling on Amazon in 2024 considered challenging?
    • Selling on Amazon in 2024 can be difficult due to intense competition, making it challenging to secure a prominent position in search results.
  2. How can one make money online without owning products?
    • By investing in established companies like Sony, Logitech, and Fiji, individuals can buy products at wholesale prices and sell them on Amazon, earning a profit for each sale.
  3. How quickly can one start earning significant income using this strategy?
    • Individuals like Terrell have reported making six figures within just 11 months of implementing this investment and selling model on Amazon.