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This Product Made Me $100k From TikTok

This Product Made Me $ 100k From TikTok

In this article, I will share the process I used to make $ 100,000 in just 30 days through dropshipping without spending any money on ads. The key to my success was finding a viral product, creating an attractive Shopify store, promoting it on social media platforms like TikTok, and leveraging the power of viral videos to drive traffic and sales.

The Process of Dropshipping

Here's a breakdown of the steps I followed to achieve my success:

  1. Find a Viral Product: I came across a safety door lock on TikTok that was getting millions of views and saw immense potential in it. It was a problem-solving product and people were actively seeking to purchase it.

  2. Create a Beautiful Shopify Store: I signed up on Shopify and utilized their user-friendly platform to create an appealing store. I kept the design simple, matching the product colors, and utilized high-quality images and concise product descriptions.

  3. Source the Product: I sourced the safety door lock for as low as $ 3 on AliExpress. To enable faster shipping times, I used an app called ZenDrop, which integrates with Shopify.

  4. Promote on TikTok and Instagram: I created a TikTok and Instagram account for my store. I posted engaging videos showcasing the product's features and benefits, aiming for them to go viral. I included my website link in the profile and video descriptions for easy access to the product.

  5. Utilize Viral Videos: I saved popular TikTok videos featuring the safety door lock and reenacted them with my own unique twist. I focused on creating funny and controversial skits related to real-life scenarios involving the product. This helped generate millions of views and increased brand awareness.

  6. Expanding to Instagram Reels: As we had to deal with a suspension on TikTok due to guideline violations, we shifted our focus to Instagram Reels, which continued to drive traffic and sales.

  7. Consistent Posting and Improvement: To maintain momentum, I posted two to three videos per day on TikTok and Instagram, continually improving and experimenting with content ideas to engage the audience.


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  1. How much did the viral product contribute to your success? Finding a viral product that resonated with a wide audience on TikTok played a significant role in driving sales and generating buzz around my store. It captured people's attention and solved a common problem, making it more likely for them to make a purchase.

  2. Did you spend any money on paid advertising? No, I didn't spend any money on traditional advertising methods. Instead, I focused on leveraging the power of viral videos on TikTok and Instagram to generate organic traffic and sales.

  3. How important was consistency in your posting strategy? Consistency was crucial in maintaining momentum and increasing the chances of going viral. By consistently posting two to three times a day, we were able to increase our reach and engagement, resulting in higher sales.

  4. Were there any challenges or setbacks you faced during the process? One setback we encountered was being suspended on TikTok due to violating community guidelines with our skits. However, we quickly adapted by shifting our focus to Instagram Reels, ensuring that our store continued to thrive.

  5. What advice would you give to others interested in dropshipping? Focus on finding viral products that solve a problem or fulfill a need. Additionally, explore different social media platforms and experiment with content ideas to engage your audience. Consistency, innovation, and adaptability are key to success in dropshipping.