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This Simple TikTok Shop Is Making $700,000 A Week

This Simple TikTok Shop Is Making $700,000 A Week

In this article, we will explore how TikTok Shop is becoming a highly successful sales channel for some Shopify stores. We will analyze a specific product from the store "Intense Oud" that has gone viral on TikTok and examine the reasons behind its success. Additionally, we will compare their TikTok Shop with their Shopify store to understand the differences. So, let's dive right into it!

The Success of Intense Oud on TikTok Shop

Intense Oud is a fragrance store on Shopify that has been in business for five years. While they have a well-established presence on Shopify, it is their TikTok Shop that has experienced a massive surge in revenue. In the last 30 days alone, they have generated 1.7millioninrevenueonTikTokShop.Inthepast7days,theyhaveachievednearly1.7 million in revenue on TikTok Shop. In the past 7 days, they have achieved nearly 800,000 in revenue. It is important to note that this success is primarily driven by one specific product, even though they have other popular items in their store.

The Viral Product

Let's take a closer look at the product that has contributed significantly to Intense Oud's success on TikTok Shop. They are selling a perfume priced at 49.99onTikTokShop,whichisslightlycheaperthanthepriceof49.99 on TikTok Shop, which is slightly cheaper than the price of 55 on their Shopify store. The product listing on TikTok Shop offers a discounted price of $34.99. It is evident that customers love this product, as it has received numerous positive reviews and has sold 64,000 units.

TikTok Shop Ads

To promote their products, Intense Oud has collaborated with TikTok creators who create engaging ads. These ads have played a pivotal role in driving traffic and revenue for the brand. Creators earn a substantial amount of commission based on the sales they generate. Some creators have single-handedly driven sales worth $500,000 for Intense Oud.

Comparing Shopify and TikTok Shop

While Intense Oud experiences a consistent flow of traffic on their Shopify store with 260,000 monthly visitors, their revenue on TikTok Shop has skyrocketed. This highlights the immense potential of TikTok Shop as a sales channel. However, unlike their Shopify store, the TikTok Shop landing page is extremely simple, perhaps to comply with TikTok guidelines. Surprisingly, they do not offer free shipping on their TikTok Shop, which is an interesting observation.


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Q: How much revenue has Intense Oud generated on TikTok Shop? A: In the past 30 days, Intense Oud has generated 1.7milliononTikTokShop.Inthelast7daysalone,theyachievednearly1.7 million on TikTok Shop. In the last 7 days alone, they achieved nearly 800,000 in revenue.

Q: What is the price difference between TikTok Shop and their Shopify store? A: The perfume product in question is priced at 49.99onTikTokShop,whileitispricedslightlyhigherat49.99 on TikTok Shop, while it is priced slightly higher at 55 on their Shopify store.

Q: Are there any differences in the customer experience between TikTok Shop and Shopify store? A: Yes, the landing page on TikTok Shop is much simpler compared to their Shopify store. Additionally, TikTok Shop does not offer free shipping.

Q: How do TikTok Shop ads contribute to Intense Oud's success? A: Collaborating with TikTok creators and running engaging ads has played a significant role in driving traffic and revenue for Intense Oud.

Q: How many units of the viral product have they sold? A: Intense Oud has sold 64,000 units of their viral perfume on TikTok Shop.

We hope you found this article insightful and motivating. TikTok Shop has proven to be a highly successful sales channel for Intense Oud, and it serves as inspiration for both creators looking to promote products and sellers wanting to make money through TikTok.