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In today's digital age, social media platforms have become a hotbed for content creators to showcase their talent and make a living. One such platform that has gained immense popularity is TikTok. With its short-form videos and vast user base, TikTok offers a unique opportunity for individuals to grow their influence and potentially earn a substantial income. In this article, we will take a deep dive into one TikTok account that has been absolutely smashing it on the platform, earning anywhere from 5,000to5,000 to 10,000 per month.

This particular account has achieved tremendous success without showing their face or using their own voice on TikTok. They have tapped into the power of the TikTok Creativity Program Beta, utilizing its data and tools to create captivating and engaging videos. Let's explore exactly what this account does and how much money they are making through the Creativity Program Beta.

The account primarily focuses on sharing interesting, scary, and strange facts. These random facts span a wide range of topics, from mundane subjects like making dentist appointments to intriguing facts about popular video games like Fortnite. Their videos are visually appealing, grabbing the viewer's attention with text overlays, AI-generated voiceovers, and intriguing background videos. The account's earliest video dates back to August 2023, indicating their consistent presence on the platform.

Before we delve into the account's earnings, let's take a closer look at their winning strategies that contribute to their growth and financial success. There are several key factors that this account repeats in each video:

  1. Using the same video description and five hashtags consistently: By appealing to a large, established audience, the account maintains a strong presence and maximizes viewer engagement.

  2. Encouraging audience engagement: The account prompts their viewers to share and select WhatsApp, fostering a sense of interactivity and participation.

  3. Incorporating consistent spooky background audio: Although they occasionally change the background audio, they primarily stick to two or three songs, which contributes to the signature style of their videos.

  4. Script format: The account starts each video by stating a shocking fact and then repeating the video title, instantly immersing the viewer in the content.

Now, let's explore the financial aspect of this account. According to Social Blade, the account garnered 6.4 million views and 100K likes within the last 15 days. Based on the average Creativity Program Beta RPM (Revenue per Mille) of 50 cents per thousand views, we can estimate that they earn roughly 3,200every15days.Evenafteraccountingforqualifiedviews,theyarelikelymakingaminimumofover3,200 every 15 days. Even after accounting for qualified views, they are likely making a minimum of over 4,500 per month. However, it's essential to note that these figures are estimations, and the account might be earning significantly more or slightly less.

It's worth mentioning that the account experienced one super viral video last month, accumulating a staggering 26.5 million views. It is plausible that this particular video alone could have earned them anywhere between 1,000to1,000 to 133,000. The account's consistency is also noteworthy, as they uploaded a minimum of 13 videos in the last week alone. By actively utilizing the Creativity Program Beta, they position themselves to maximize their earnings and take advantage of the available opportunities.

Now let's take a closer look at the video creation process utilized by this account and the tools they employ:

  1. Fact selection: They source random interesting facts by conducting internet searches or referring to websites and blogs that provide such information. Tools like Chat GPT and Google's Barge can aid in finding facts quickly.

  2. Music selection: They utilize the sounds available within TikTok, studying the music choices of similar successful accounts within their niche to align with the desired style.

  3. Background videos: Websites like offer a wide range of captivating and visually stunning videos that can be used as background footage. The account's success lies in the fact that these videos are not necessarily related to the facts presented, enabling them to reuse them interchangeably with occasional changes.

  4. AI-generated voiceovers: Tools such as 11 Labs, NID, and Pigor provide high-quality AI voices that contribute to the narration of the videos. These tools can be accessed online for free or through linked resources mentioned in the description of this article.

  5. Hashtags and titles: Researching and using relevant hashtags and titles play a vital role in reaching the target audience. TikTok's search bar is a helpful tool in discovering effective hashtags and titles. Once a winning combination is discovered, it can be consistently applied across all videos for maximum reach and visibility.

In conclusion, this TikTok account serves as a prime example of leveraging the Creativity Program Beta to achieve outstanding success. If you are considering growing your influence on TikTok in 2024 and potentially making a living from it, studying the strategies employed by this account and other similar examples can provide valuable insights. To explore more of these successful accounts and gain inspiration for your own TikTok journey, check out the video mentioned on the screen.

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Q: How much does this viral TikTok account earn on average per month?
A: Based on estimations and revenue data from the Creativity Program Beta, this account makes approximately $5,000 per month. However, it's important to note that earnings can vary.

Q: What strategies does this TikTok account use to engage its audience?
A: Some key strategies employed by this account include using consistent hashtags and video descriptions, encouraging audience engagement through sharing and selecting WhatsApp, and utilizing spooky background audio to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Q: How can one qualify for the Creativity Program Beta on TikTok?
A: To qualify for the Creativity Program Beta, users need to apply or be accepted into the program. Once accepted, their videos should be at least one minute long to be eligible for revenue generation.

Q: What tools can be used to create AI-generated voiceovers for TikTok videos?
A: Several tools are available, such as 11 Labs, NID, and Pigor, which offer high-quality AI-generated voices. These tools can be accessed online and can greatly enhance the narration of TikTok videos.

Q: Is it necessary to show one's face or use their own voice to be successful on TikTok?
A: No, this viral TikTok account serves as an example of achieving significant success without showing one's face or using their own voice. By utilizing creative content, engaging narratives, and captivating visuals, creators can captivate audiences successfully.