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Tik Tok Rizz Party Interview (Original)

Tik Tok Rizz Party Interview (Original)

My name is Mike and I'm the Turkish Quandel Dingle kid in the video. My name is Sebie, and I'm the one in the blue tie, the leader in the Tik Tok Rizz Party video. This video interview captures our experience and reactions to unexpectedly going viral.

After the video was posted, we were shocked by its rapid popularity. We had just attended a Sweet 16 party looking to have fun, not expecting to be filmed. As the video gained traction, we found ourselves thrust into the spotlight, receiving unexpected attention and laughter from those around us.

There was no predetermined group leader among us, just a group of friends enjoying the moment. I, as the outgoing one, tried to initiate the fun and include everyone in the video. We all reacted spontaneously to the camera, resulting in funny and carefree moments captured on film.

Despite the humor in the video, there was no hierarchy or specific commands among us. We were just regular kids having a good time that happened to go viral. The video's humor was natural and reflected our genuine enjoyment at the party.

The unexpected fame brought both laughter and occasional teasing from others. People recognized us from the video and approached us for laughs and recreations of the dance moves. Despite some light teasing, we all took it in stride and found humor in the situation.

The video's context may seem one way, but in reality, it captured a genuine moment of fun among friends. The individuals mentioned in the video were not trying to fit in; they were all close friends who grew up together and enjoyed each other's company.

Overall, the viral video brought unexpected fame and laughter to our group of friends, highlighting a carefree moment that resonated with many viewers.


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  1. Was the video planned or staged? No, the video was not planned or staged. It captured a spontaneous moment at a Sweet 16 party where the friends were just having fun.

  2. Was there a designated group leader among the friends? There was no specific group leader; they were just a group of friends enjoying the party together.

  3. How did the friends react to their sudden fame after the video went viral? The friends were initially surprised by the video's popularity but found humor in the situation and embraced the unexpected fame with laughter and good spirits.