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TikTok Ads Pixel and Conversion Tracking

TikTok Ads Pixel and Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is an essential aspect of any paid media campaign, and TikTok Ads Manager provides the functionality to track conversions and events. In this article, we will cover three main aspects of conversion and event tracking within TikTok: setting up the TikTok pixel on your website, tracking url-based conversions, and tracking event-based interactions.

Setting Up the TikTok Pixel on Your Website

To get started with conversion tracking in TikTok Ads Manager, you need to install the TikTok pixel on your website. One way to do this is through Google Tag Manager, which is the method we will cover here. However, there are also other options available depending on your content management system (CMS). Once the pixel is installed, you can proceed with setting up conversions and events.

Tracking URL-Based Conversions

URL-based conversions are tracking specific actions that occur on dedicated pages, such as thank you pages or add to cart pages. TikTok refers to this as "URL keywords," but it can be thought of as matching the URL to track specific steps. To set up URL-based conversions, you select the type of event you want to track (e.g., form submissions) and specify the keywords in the URL that indicate the desired page. You can also set up advanced settings for the event, such as assigning a value or counting the event for every occurrence or unique user.

Tracking Event-Based Interactions

Event-based tracking allows you to track interactions with specific elements on your website, such as button clicks or video views. This is done using the TikTok pixel helper, a Chrome extension that helps identify the elements on your webpage that you want to track. You can select the elements and assign event types to them, such as "view content" or "add to cart." Similar to URL-based conversions, you can set up advanced settings for these events.

Viewing Conversions and Events in TikTok Ads Manager Dashboard

Once you have set up conversions and events, you can view the recorded actions in the TikTok Ads Manager dashboard. The dashboard provides details on each event, including the timestamp, URL, and the specific event type. You can test events by using the QR code provided within the Events Manager or by clicking around on your website and checking if the events are recorded within the TikTok pixel helper.

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