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TikTok Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Make Money in 2024 (the only guide you need)

TikTok Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Make Money in 2024 (the only guide you need)

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about two effective TikTok affiliate marketing strategies that can help you earn at least $1,000 per month as a beginner. These strategies go beyond simply placing a ClickBank link in your bio and have been proven to work. So let's dive in and discover how you can leverage TikTok to boost your affiliate marketing earnings.

El Classico with Some Hot Sauce

The first strategy, which I like to call "El Classico with Some Hot Sauce," has been my personal favorite and the most successful for me. This strategy involves using one of three affiliate marketing platforms: Amazon Associates, ClickBank, or affiliate programs associated with products you frequently use.

For physical products, Amazon Associates is a great choice. If you're promoting courses or digital products, ClickBank is an excellent option. Additionally, you can become an affiliate for products you regularly talk about, such as ExpressVPN in my case.

To get started, select one or two digital products or at least five physical products to promote. I recommend choosing 10 to 20 physical products for better results.

Finding Winning Affiliate Products

To find winning affiliate products, search for "TikTok made me buy it" on TikTok. This will give you plenty of ideas and products to sell. Once you have identified the products, search for them on Amazon to find the corresponding items.

Make a list of these products along with their video links. It's advisable to purchase these products yourself to create videos showcasing them. You can always re-edit and repost these videos, but creating your own unique content is always a better approach.

Pro tip: Ensure that the videos promoting the products have been uploaded within the last 30 days. This will increase your chances of success. Also, choose products that are extremely useful and trending during the holiday season.

If you're using ClickBank, make sure to select products with a good gravity score. Search for the specific product on TikTok and check if any videos featuring it have gone viral in the last 30 days. This is the perfect time to promote the product. Save these viral videos as they will be crucial for the next step.

Creating Engaging Content

Now it's time to start creating content. Organic traffic is the key to increasing your commissions and maximizing your earnings. Utilize the viral videos you saved earlier and rework them to create multiple versions. Upload these videos to your TikTok page.

This strategy has been incredibly successful in helping me and my students grow exponentially. Remember to include layers in your videos to make them more engaging. Incorporate elements like humor, relatability, or a wow factor to keep viewers hooked.

Optimize your videos by using keywords in the captions, hashtags in the titles, and subtitles in the text. Aim for a similar video length to the viral videos you're remodeling. Going a few seconds above or below is acceptable, but maintaining a similar length is crucial.

Here are a few additional tips:

  1. If you're promoting multiple products, consider using a service like Linktree to include all the links.
  2. Experiment with stitches, a powerful TikTok feature, to enhance your content.
  3. When a video goes viral (over 100k views), consider going live to build a deeper connection with your audience, leading to higher conversions.

TikTok Shop Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Another trending affiliate marketing strategy on TikTok is promoting products available in the TikTok Shop. Many creators have been leveraging this strategy successfully, leading to impressive profits.

To implement this strategy, start by signing up for the TikTok Shop, which usually takes one to two days for approval. Once approved, research products on the shop with over 800 units sold. Look for products that have good reviews and videos that have gone viral within the past 30 days.

Take advantage of the opportunity to request samples as a creator. This allows you to showcase the products in your content and can save you money.

The remaining steps for content creation and optimization are similar to the previous strategy. Follow the tips mentioned earlier to create engaging videos and optimize them for maximum reach.


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1. How do I get approved as a TikTok Shop creator? To become a TikTok Shop creator, you need to sign up for the TikTok Shop and go through the approval process, which typically takes one to two days. Ensure that you meet all the requirements and guidelines set by TikTok.

2. Is it necessary to purchase the products I'm promoting? While it's not mandatory to purchase the products, it's highly recommended. Owning and testing the products yourself adds authenticity and credibility to your content, making it more convincing for your audience.

3. Can I promote both physical and digital products on TikTok? Yes, you can promote both physical and digital products on TikTok. Select the appropriate affiliate platform based on the type of products you want to promote. Amazon Associates is ideal for physical products, while ClickBank is great for digital products like courses.

4. How long should my TikTok videos be for optimal performance? Try to keep your TikTok videos similar in length to the viral videos you're remodeling. It's generally recommended not to deviate too much from the original video's length. Aim for a duration that aligns with the viewer's expectations.

5. Are there any other TikTok affiliate marketing strategies? Yes, these are just two of the many strategies you can use to monetize TikTok. Experiment, be creative, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends on the platform to discover even more lucrative opportunities.

By implementing these powerful TikTok affiliate marketing strategies, you can start earning substantial income as a beginner. Remember to focus on providing value, engaging your audience, and staying consistent with your content creation. With dedication and perseverance, TikTok can become a profitable platform for your affiliate marketing endeavors.