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TikTok Effect House Template Tutorial | Bouncing Ball

TikTok Effect House Template Tutorial | Bouncing Ball

Welcome to this tutorial for the TikTok Effect House Template. In this video, I will show you how to customize and use the template. The template is a game where you tap and swipe to draw platforms that bounce a ball. If the ball falls, you lose. There is also a power-up that makes the ball bounce faster and higher. Let's dive into how this template works.

Tutorial Details

The tutorial begins with a tip to use visual scripting to customize the game. Make sure to open the visual scripting window by clicking the "Visual Scripting" button. Here are the customizable options in the template:

  1. Enable Camera Movement: You can enable or disable camera movement.
  2. Camera Movement Smoothness: Adjust the smoothness of the camera movement.
  3. Background: You can turn on the background if you don't want to see the camera input. Customize the background design in the asset panel.
  4. Number of Platforms: Set the number of platforms you can draw.
  5. Platform Scale: Adjust the scale of the platforms.
  6. Platform Length: Set the minimum and maximum length of the platforms.
  7. Bounce Strength: Customize how much bounce the ball gets when it hits a platform.
  8. Power-Up Spawn Time: Set the time interval for spawning power-ups.
  9. Power-Up Strength: Adjust the power of the power-up.
  10. Post-Effect: Customize the chromatic aberration effect when a power-up is obtained.
  11. External Force: Set the external force applied to the ball.

These customizable features allow you to create a unique and personalized game. Make adjustments based on your preference and game design.


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  1. How can I customize the camera movement in the template?

    • Enable or disable camera movement using the "Enable Camera Movement" option in the visual scripting window.
    • Adjust the smoothness of camera movement using the "Camera Movement Smoothness" option.
  2. Can I change the background design in the template?

    • Yes, you can turn on the background and customize its design in the asset panel. Open the panel and modify the background grid.
  3. How many platforms can I draw in the game?

    • You can customize the number of platforms by adjusting the "Number of Platforms" option. Set the desired value based on your game design.
  4. How can I adjust the bounce strength of the ball?

    • Use the "Bounce Strength" option to customize how much bounce the ball gets when it hits a platform. Increase or decrease the value to change the bounce effect.
  5. Can I modify the power-up in the game?

    • Yes, you can adjust the power-up spawn time and power-up strength. Set the time interval for spawning power-ups and customize their strength using the corresponding options.

These are just a few FAQs about customizing the TikTok Effect House Template for a bouncing ball game. Explore the visual scripting options and the provided comments in the template to further enhance and personalize your game. Enjoy customizing and creating!