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TikTok Pixel Helper Fix for Shopify Analytics

TikTok Pixel Helper Fix for Shopify Analytics

In this article, we will discuss a workaround for the TikTok Pixel Helper issue that many users are experiencing while setting up their TikTok Pixel on Shopify. This solution has been found to be effective in resolving the problem.

Step 1: Setting up the TikTok Pixel

  1. Start by creating a TikTok Pixel on your TikTok Ads Manager.
  2. Choose the appropriate settings for your pixel, such as the pixel name and type (manual or automatic) - for example, select "e-commerce."
  3. Copy the generated TikTok Pixel code.

Step 2: Troubleshooting the TikTok Pixel Helper Issue

  1. Access your Shopify admin page and go to the "Online Store" section.
  2. Click on "Preferences" and then select "Facebook Pixel" from the options.
  3. Paste the copied TikTok Pixel code in the provided area.
  4. Keep the pixel helper window open and remove the "s" from the "https" part in your website URL. For instance, change "" to ""
  5. After removing the "s," a pop-up window will appear. Click on "Setup Event" in this pop-up window.
  6. Another window will open with the option to set up events. If you want to track the "Add to Cart" event, click on "Events" and then proceed to your website.
  7. Find the relevant element on your website, such as a product or button, and copy its URL.
  8. Return to the pixel helper window and paste the URL in the "Setup Event" window.
  9. Click on "Track this element click" and then save the changes.
  10. Your "Add to Cart" event is now set up, and you can continue with the pixel setup process.


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  • Q: What is TikTok Pixel Helper?

    • A: TikTok Pixel Helper is a tool used to assist in the installation and troubleshooting of the TikTok Pixel on websites, specifically on the Shopify platform.
  • Q: What is the issue with TikTok Pixel Helper on Shopify?

    • A: Users have reported an issue with the TikTok Pixel Helper not functioning correctly when setting up the TikTok Pixel on Shopify. This can prevent accurate tracking and analytics.
  • Q: How can I resolve the TikTok Pixel Helper issue on Shopify?

    • A: The workaround involves removing the "s" from the "https" in your website URL, which triggers a pop-up window to set up events. By following the steps mentioned in this article, you can successfully set up the TikTok Pixel and resolve the issue.
  • Q: What event can I set up using the TikTok Pixel Helper?

    • A: The TikTok Pixel Helper allows you to set up various events on your Shopify website, such as "Add to Cart." This helps track user actions and provides valuable analytics data.
  • Q: Will this workaround work for all Shopify websites?

    • A: While this workaround has been successful for many users, it's important to note that individual website configurations may vary. It is recommended to follow the steps mentioned and adapt them according to your specific website setup if needed.