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TikTok Seller University -01 How to Navigate Seller Center

TikTok Seller University -01 How to Navigate Seller Center

Are you a foreign seller on TikTok? Have you explored the account features on Tick Tock shop seller center yet? If not, you're missing out on a set of tools and services that can help you sell effectively. In this article, we will dive into the details of key features and their benefits on our seller center.

Key Features of Tick Tock Shop Seller Center

Product Management

  • Manage product listings
  • Update product information, stocks, and prices
  • Deactivate products

Batch Tools for Product Listings

  • Upload a large number of product listings at once
  • Filter customer reviews according to ratings, reply situation, time, and with photo or comments

Order Management

  • View all orders in your shop from unpaid to cancellations
  • Raise a refund or return request before the package status is changed to ready to ship until six days after the package status is changed to delivered

Shipping Arrangements

  • Arrange shipment of your products
  • Pickup, drop off, and track delivery status in real time
  • Utilize box shipping for orders in large quantities at the same time

Participate in Promotions

  • Join campaigns and set promotions to boost sales

Finance and Earnings

  • View live data of current earnings, Sato, and credits for withdrawal
  • Withdrawals usually take around six to seven business days to be reflected in your bank account

Data Analytics

  • Sales trends and performance overview for your affiliate creators, live streams, and products
  • Identify daily top products based on revenue, best selling, and most visited

Chat Management

  • See ongoing and past messages from buyers
  • Change availability status to manage buyer expectations

Missions and Rewards

  • Follow missions to start using TikTok Shop features and earn rewards
  • Example missions include uploading more products, creating affiliate plans, and setting sales promotions

Account Settings

  • Set up user roles and link marketing accounts
  • Add or delete users with restricted access to full assets

Store Health Monitoring

  • Monitor store's risk level, violation records, and appeal status
  • Familiarize yourself with TikTok Shop seller performance evaluation policy to avoid violations

Help and Support

  • Get support by creating a new ticket
  • Remember to attach supporting documents for better issue resolution
  • Visit our seller University for more tips on selling in Tick Tock shop and stay informed of other feature updates


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Happy selling, sellers!