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TikTok Shop Affiliate - Live Product Research [FULL GUIDE]

TikTok Shop Affiliate - Live Product Research [FULL GUIDE]

Welcome back to my channel! Today, I want to talk about how to find good products to promote using the TikTok Shop Affiliate program. The process is actually quite simple, and I'll cover it in today's video. So, let's dive right in and discover the key factors to consider when selecting products to promote.

Finding Good Products to Promote

  1. Problem-Solving Products: Look for products that solve a specific problem or address a concern for customers. These types of products are generally easier to sell because they have a clear before-and-after that you can showcase in your videos.

  2. Easy to Film: Choose products that are easy to create content with. If a product is boring and doesn't allow for creativity in TikTok videos, it may not be the best choice unless you can find a creative way to showcase its use.

  3. Commission Rate: Pay attention to the commission rate offered by the product. Aim for a minimum of 10% commission or $ 5 per sale. Ideally, look for products that offer 15% or more commission or $ 5 and above in dollar equivalent. Higher commissions mean higher profits for you.

  4. Store Reviews: Check the store's reviews before promoting their products. Stores with good reviews tend to receive more traffic from TikTok since the platform favors reputable shops. Having positive store reviews can boost the success of your promotions.

Live Product Research Examples

Let's take a look at some examples of products that meet the criteria mentioned earlier. During the video, various products are discussed, including Lenovo headphones, a neck massager, supplements, and heated knee massager pads. These products were selected based on their problem-solving nature, ease of content creation, commission rates, and store reviews.

The video also showcases the importance of considering the dollar equivalent of the commission, as low-priced products with low commissions may not be worth promoting. On the other hand, higher-priced products with good commissions can be lucrative if marketed creatively.

The video suggests spending time on product research, saving potential products to promote, studying viral videos to understand effective content creation techniques, and eventually ordering a range of products to start creating content and gaining experience.


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