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TikTok Shop Tutorial In 2022 | How To Sell Via TikTok Livestream And Make Money (Step By Step)

TikTok Shop Tutorial In 2022 | How To Sell Via TikTok Livestream And Make Money (Step By Step)

Are you interested in learning how to make a successful and profitable business using TikTok livestream shopping? In this comprehensive tutorial, we will guide you step-by-step on how to get started on TikTok livestream shopping and how to effectively increase your revenue streams.

How to Register and Set Up a TikTok Shop

To get started, you need to register your TikTok account as a shop on the TikTok Seller Center. You can find the registration link in the description below. Once you've registered and verified your account, you can log in to the Seller Center dashboard.

From there, you can add your products, set up shipping templates, and upload your business documents. Make sure to provide detailed product descriptions, images, and specifications to attract potential customers. You can also explore options for shipping discounts, coupons, and flash sales to increase sales and create a sense of urgency.

Strategies for Effective Livestream Shopping

Livestream shopping on TikTok offers several advantages, such as its entertaining nature, discounted prices, marketing-to-sales conversion, customer loyalty, and omni-channel marketing.

To leverage these advantages, consider the following strategies:

  1. Engage with your audience by discussing topics they are interested in and offering tutorials and games during your livestreams.
  2. Create attractive discounts and group-buying options to incentivize customers to purchase.
  3. Use livestreams as a marketing tool to showcase your products and convert views into sales.
  4. Foster customer loyalty by providing entertaining content, reasonable prices, and notifications for future livestreams.
  5. Explore omni-channel marketing by livestreaming on multiple platforms simultaneously, such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon.

Working with Influencers and Selling as an Influencer

If you want to collaborate with influencers or sell products as an influencer, TikTok provides options for influencer partnerships through their Open Plan and Target Plan features. You can reach out to influencers and offer them a commission for selling your products during their livestreams.

As an influencer, you can also register as a livestream shop and feature products on your account. Customize your live stream by selecting products from your showcase and interact with your audience to build trust and generate sales. It's important to strike a balance between personal connection and sales promotion to maintain a positive relationship with your followers.


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