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TikTok World 2021: PartnerTok, The TikTok Marketing Partner Program

TikTok World 2021: PartnerTok, The TikTok Marketing Partner Program

Welcome to an exciting session at TikTok World 2021! I'm David Shaw, and I'm thrilled to be here with all of you. In this final session of the day, we will be discussing the TikTok Marketing Partner Program. We will cover its purpose, the requirements to become a partner, what you can expect once you join, and the future of the program. Additionally, we have a special announcement that you won't want to miss, so stick around until the very end.

To provide some context, let's start off by watching a video that I came across on TikTok. This video symbolizes how we perceive our partnership with creators and innovators. We work together to overcome challenges and reach new heights as a collective.

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So, what exactly is the TikTok Marketing Partner Program? In a nutshell, it is a community of innovators who strive to enhance the advertiser experience on TikTok. Our partners drive innovation to unlock success for brands and advertisers of all sizes.

Now, let's delve into what it takes to become a TikTok Marketing Partner. There are three key values that we look for in our future partners.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: As a global company, we value partners who champion diversity and inclusion. We encourage our partners to bring branded opportunities to diverse creators worldwide, giving a voice to various communities. An excellent example of this is our partner Whaler, who collaborated with AT&T TV and 13th to create the first all-black creator house on TikTok. This initiative gained significant traction, reaching over 12 million likes and half a billion views on the platform.

  2. Tick-tock-First Solutions: Our partners should be able to develop meaningful, always-on TikTok-first solutions that drive success for advertisers and brands at scale. As TikTok challenges traditional advertising norms, we seek partners who can push the boundaries of ad creative. It's not just about generating one good idea; we want partners who can solve complex problems for advertisers on a large scale.

  3. Trust and Accountability: We value partners who share and build trust with advertisers. It is imperative that our partners uphold our community guidelines and commit themselves to the highest standards. As the program expands, we will continue to implement brand safety requirements for new partners to ensure a safe environment for advertisers and our community.

Now, we understand that we ask a lot from our partners. In return, the TikTok Marketing Program makes three promises to our partners:

  1. Honesty and Transparency: We are committed to providing clear and detailed understanding of the badging process. We aim to be transparent in our procedures and offer more specialized badges for partners to apply for, such as sound creative tools, crater marketing, and an exciting addition, commerce.

  2. Partner Success: We are dedicated to the success of our partners. We provide guidance, resources, and feedback for their continued learning. Furthermore, we drive business directly to our partners who develop solutions for advertisers on TikTok. A prime example of this is the TikTok Creative Exchange, where we introduce partners to fast-growing advertisers in top verticals worldwide.

  3. Building a Community: Partners in the program become part of a strong community. We take pride in helping our partners build their networks and make key introductions, both within TikTok and among our network of advertisers and agencies.

To wrap things up, I am thrilled to announce the launch of our innovation competition, "Build for TikTok." We recognize TikTok's unique environment that sparks creativity and brings joy to millions of users. We want our community of developers to enable access to this environment for many more advertisers and agencies. Any individual or team with great ideas for creative or media buying solutions, along with the skills to bring them to life, are welcome to apply. Winners of this competition will receive substantial rewards and the recognition that comes with being at the forefront of innovation. We are eagerly looking forward to seeing your ideas and what you will build.

Thank you for joining me today, and we are excited to shape the future of the TikTok Marketing Partner Program together.


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Q: What is the TikTok Marketing Partner Program? A: The TikTok Marketing Partner Program is a community of innovators aiming to enhance the advertiser experience on TikTok by driving innovation and unlocking success for brands and advertisers.

Q: What values does TikTok look for in potential partners? A: TikTok values partners who champion diversity and inclusion, develop Tick-tock-first solutions, and uphold trust and accountability.

Q: What can partners expect once they join the program? A: Partners can expect honesty, transparency, and access to specialized badges. They will receive guidance, resources, and feedback for continued learning. Additionally, TikTok drives business directly to partners and helps them build their networks within the TikTok community.

Q: Is there an opportunity for developers to showcase their skills on TikTok? A: Yes, the "Build for TikTok" innovation competition allows developers with creative or media buying solutions to apply and potentially win big prizes while being recognized as innovative leaders.