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TikTok ads issue How we fixed it! #ecommerce #shopify #tiktokads #tiktok #paidads #facebookads

TikTok ads issue? How we fixed it! #ecommerce #shopify #tiktokads #tiktok #paidads #facebookads

I kind of always had this issue where if they increase their ad budget they wouldn't get any sales and this got in the way of them trying to scale and well here's how we fixed it so there's this whole thing with Facebook ads where if you increase your ad budget by more than 20% at a time, it puts you back into the testing phase so we decided to implement this idea for our clan but for his Tick Tock Hazard instead so we increased their budget by 5 to 20% each day and it came as no surprise that they then started getting more sales and were also able to continue scaling their business follow for more e-commerce tips.

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  1. What was the issue faced with increasing ad budgets and generating sales?
  • The issue was that increasing ad budgets without a proper strategy resulted in no sales and hindered business scaling.
  1. How did the company fix the issue with TikTok ads?
  • The company implemented a strategy of gradually increasing the ad budget by 5 to 20% each day instead of making larger jumps, which led to increased sales and helped in scaling the business.
  1. Why is it significant to avoid sudden increases in ad budgets on platforms like Facebook and TikTok?
  • Sudden increases in ad budgets can put the business back into the testing phase, hindering the effectiveness of the ads and impacting sales. Gradual increments allow for better optimization and improved results.