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TikTok foryou trick 2024 | TikTok viral trick 2024 #viral #youtubeshorts #shorts @tiktok

TikTok foryou trick 2024 | TikTok viral trick 2024 #viral #youtubeshorts #shorts @tiktok

This article will guide you through a simple trick to ensure that your videos reach the YouTube feed. Making one small mistake can prevent your video from being seen on YouTube, no matter how good or hardworking you are. Fortunately, this mistake is easily rectifiable, and I will walk you through the process step by step.

To begin, follow these instructions on your mobile screen:

  1. Click on your Settings and Privacy.
  2. Locate and select "Content Proof Preferences."
  3. In the following menu, click on "Filter video keyword," and then click on "Add keyword."
  4. Depending on the content of your video, input relevant keywords. For example, if your video is related to poetry, enter poetry-related keywords. If it is on any other topic, use appropriate keywords.
  5. Save the changes by clicking on "Fore and Save Above."
  6. Once saved, you can go back to the previous screen.

These simple steps ensure that your video is properly categorized and reaches the intended audience on YouTube. By adding relevant keywords, you increase the chances of your video appearing in the desired feed.


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  1. What happens if I don't click on Content Proof Preferences? If you fail to access the Content Proof Preferences and add relevant keywords, your video may not be appropriately categorized, reducing its visibility on YouTube.

  2. Can I change the keywords for my video after it has been uploaded? Unfortunately, once a video is uploaded, the keyword selection cannot be altered. It is important to ensure that the correct keywords are added before publishing your video.

  3. Are there any restrictions on the number of keywords I can add? YouTube does not specify a maximum limit for keyword input. However, it is recommended to use relevant and specific keywords rather than an excessive number of unrelated terms to maintain accuracy in categorization.

  4. How often should I update my Content Proof Preferences? It is a good practice to review and update your Content Proof Preferences whenever you upload a new video. This ensures that your content is consistently reaching the intended audience.

  5. Do the keywords affect the discoverability of my video on other platforms, such as TikTok? The keyword settings mentioned in this article are specific to YouTube. While keywords play a crucial role in improving discoverability on YouTube, other platforms like TikTok have their own algorithms and methods for content recommendation.

By following these steps and ensuring your videos are properly categorized, you can increase their visibility and reach on YouTube. Remember, paying attention to even the smallest details can make a significant difference in the success of your videos.