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TikTok is Poisoning Society

TikTok is Poisoning Society

This article discusses the detrimental effects of TikTok on society, highlighting various concerns and controversies surrounding the popular social media platform. It delves into the author's personal investigation into TikTok Live, where explicit and inappropriate content, often involving underage individuals, is being broadcasted and monetized. The article reveals the alarming prevalence of solicitations, grooming, and exploitation of minors on TikTok, raising serious questions about the platform's safety measures and ethical implications.


TikTok, a widely popular social media application, has gained massive growth potential and boasts monumental follower gains for creators who leverage it properly. However, the author expresses their despise for the platform, citing past coverage of concerning trends and challenges that display a lack of respect and common decency for global tragedies and historical events.

Investigating TikTok Live

The author undertakes an investigation into TikTok Live, focusing on potential explicit content involving underage users. They create a new account to browse the TikTok Live page, which is primarily governed by the platform's algorithm. Here, the algorithm showcases content of disturbing nature, including sexual fetishes and explicit behavior that targets users as young as 13 to 15 years old.

Disturbing Content Exploitation

During their investigation, the author finds underage girls engaging in suggestive behavior and receiving monetary donations through chat rooms filled with viewers, many of whom are older men. Broadcasters openly acknowledge their age, with some even admitting to using coded language and engaging in potentially exploitative acts for financial gain. However, there are instances where broadcasters are suspended or banned shortly after discussing the existence of inappropriate content or transactional behavior involving minors. This raises concerns about the platform's moderation policies and the presence of groomers and pedophiles.

Algorithmic Promotion and Misuse

TikTok's algorithm plays a significant role in promoting adult content to underage users. The algorithm is designed to cater to users' preferences based on watch time, leading to an increasingly explicit content feed that can easily manipulate and influence younger individuals. Viewers' prolonged exposure to such content perpetuates a damaging feedback loop, affecting their attention spans, concentration, and overall well-being.

Harmful Consequences

TikTok's impact on society expands beyond harmful challenges, disrespectful trends, and potential medical issues tied to neurological disorders. The platform's algorithmically driven content consumption creates a toxic environment where inappropriate behavior is not only prevalent but also monetized. This, in turn, normalizes and even encourages exploitative acts involving underage individuals. As a consequence, TikTok fosters an unhealthy and dangerous space that can shape individuals' perceptions and behaviors, particularly concerning women and their treatment.


The author firmly believes that TikTok is poisoning our society. While acknowledging the platform's attempts at moderation, the author highlights the overwhelmingly negative effects it has on its users, especially minors. They argue that when the harmful consequences of a product outweigh any positive impact, it raises serious questions about its existence.


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Q: How does TikTok Live contribute to the exploitation of minors?
A: TikTok Live serves as a platform where underage individuals engage in suggestive behavior for monetary donations from viewers, creating an environment ripe for exploitation.

Q: What role does TikTok's algorithm play in promoting explicit content to underage users?
A: TikTok's algorithmic feed promotes adult content to younger users based on watch time, creating a feedback loop that normalizes and perpetuates their consumption of inappropriate material.

Q: Are there any safety measures in place on TikTok to protect underage users?
A: While TikTok claims to make efforts in moderation and content removal, the prevalence of inappropriate content involving minors raises serious questions about the platform's safety measures.

Q: How can TikTok's negative impact on individuals be mitigated?
A: Stricter moderation policies, comprehensive age verification, and increased parental guidance can potentially help mitigate TikTok's negative impact and protect underage users from exploitation.