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TikTok shop affiliate update

TikTok Shop Affiliate Update

Today, I made some significant progress on my TikTok shop affiliate journey. I posted two videos as an affiliate yesterday, each garnering around 400 views. It usually takes some time for the videos to gain traction, so I am keeping a close eye on them. Additionally, I posted another video today, with plans to film one more. My daily goal is to post two videos a day to engage my audience. I also reached out to several potential product partners to secure samples. Despite not meeting the 5,000 follower requirement to request samples, some brands have invited me to their campaigns, allowing me to request samples. I am thrilled about this opportunity and eagerly await the arrival of these samples.


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  1. How many videos did the user post as an affiliate yesterday?
  2. What is the user's daily goal for posting videos on TikTok as an affiliate?
  3. How did the user secure product samples despite not meeting the follower requirement?