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Tiktok Monetization Apply | How To Apply For Tiktok Creativity Program Beta | Tiktok Instant Earning

TikTok Monetization Apply | How To Apply For Tiktok Creativity Program Beta | Tiktok Instant Earning

In today's video, Salar Khan guides viewers on how to apply for TikTok monetization once they have fulfilled the criteria. By following his steps, there should be no problems with the appeal process and their TikTok accounts can start earning money.

Firstly, Salar Khan explains how to reach the 10,000 follower milestone. He showcases an account with multiple videos, demonstrating that posting the same video repeatedly can help achieve the follower goal.

To apply for monetization successfully, Salar Khan advises using a specific version of TikTok. The download link for this version is provided in the video description. It is important to use this version to avoid disqualification from the monetization process.

Additionally, a VPN tool, such as Touch VPN, should be downloaded. By connecting to a United States server through this VPN, users can access the TikTok account in the specific version mentioned earlier. Salar Khan demonstrates this process live in his video.

Once all the steps are completed, users can apply for monetization through this version of TikTok. Salar Khan shows how his account instantly gets monetized, even though the content is copyrighted. This success is due to the American SIM card inserted into the mobile device and the VPN connection.

Salar Khan concludes by assuring viewers that this method ensures a successful appeal and monetization process for their TikTok accounts. He shares that he has been using this trick on his own official TikTok account, which has never been disqualified.

In the future, Salar Khan plans to showcase the earnings of his monetized TikTok account and offers his viewers ready-to-use monetized accounts for sale.


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Q: What is the eligibility criteria for TikTok monetization? A: The eligibility criteria for TikTok monetization include reaching 10,000 followers and having original, copyrighted content.

Q: How can I apply for TikTok monetization? A: To apply for TikTok monetization, you need to download a specific version of TikTok and connect to a United States server using a VPN. Then, log in to your TikTok account in this version and apply for monetization.

Q: Can I monetize copyrighted content on TikTok? A: Yes, it is possible to monetize copyrighted content on TikTok by following the steps mentioned in the video. Using a specific version of TikTok and connecting through a VPN can help overcome copyright issues during the monetization process.

Q: Can I purchase a monetized TikTok account? A: Yes, Salar Khan offers ready-to-use monetized TikTok accounts for sale. These accounts come with existing earnings and can be purchased from him.

Q: How can I avoid scams when purchasing a monetized TikTok account? A: It is advisable to only purchase accounts from reliable sources. Salar Khan cautions viewers against fraudsters and advises them to avoid wasting money on scams. Joining his group can provide a safer environment for account transactions.