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Tiktok Seller Tutorial: Creating Bundle Deals

Tiktok Seller Tutorial: Creating Bundle Deals

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating bundle deals in TikTok Shop. Please note that this feature is only available via a browser.

Step 1: Choosing Products and Creating a Bundle

  1. Access TikTok Shop via your browser and navigate to the left side of the page.
  2. Select "Products" and then choose "Product Bundles".
  3. Create a unique name for your bundle.
  4. Next, select two or up to three products that you want to include in the bundle.
  5. Click "Submit".

Step 2: Customizing Your Bundle

  1. After submitting the bundle, you can still make changes to the bundle name or add more products if desired.
  2. Once you are satisfied with the bundle, click "Create Bundle".

Step 3: Setting Bundle Options and Publishing

  1. At this point, you have options to customize your bundle further.
  2. You can change the start and end date for the bundle promotion.
  3. Set the type of discount, either as a percentage or a fixed amount.
  4. Enter the specific discount value.
  5. Click "Agree" and "Publish".

Congratulations! Your bundle deal is now live on the TikTok Shop. Buyers will see your promotion on the Bundle Deals page during the specified promotion period. Don't forget to follow or subscribe for more TikTok Shop tips!


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  1. Can I create bundle deals directly on the TikTok app?

    • No, this feature is only available on the TikTok Shop website through a browser.
  2. How many products can I include in a bundle?

    • You can choose two to three products to include in each bundle.
  3. Can I make changes to my bundle after publishing it?

    • Yes, you can still modify the bundle name or add more products before finalizing the bundle.
  4. Is there a limit to the number of bundle deals I can create?

    • There is no specific limit mentioned, but it's recommended to create meaningful and attractive bundles rather than overwhelming buyers with too many options.
  5. How can I track the performance of my bundle deals?

    • TikTok Shop provides analytics and insights that can help you monitor the performance of your bundle deals, including views, engagement, and sales data.