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Tourists like these simply support sales.#short

Tourists like these simply support sales

The video, which on the surface appears to be a cute depiction of releasing a small turtle into the ocean, sheds light on a deeply concerning issue. It exposes the harsh reality of how local residents dig up turtle eggs and catch newly hatched turtles to sell in the market. Tragically, these delicate creatures often die due to careless handling. While some survive and are sold, those left unsold are simply discarded, as it is more cost-effective to dispose of them rather than maintaining them. This disturbing cycle continues with the support of tourists, ultimately leading to the potential extinction of turtle populations.


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  1. What is the issue highlighted in the video?

    • The video exposes the problem of locals digging up turtle eggs and catching hatchlings to sell in the market, where the animals are mistreated and often die due to careless handling.
  2. How do tourists contribute to this problem?

    • Tourists inadvertently support the sales of these turtles by purchasing them or participating in activities that involve their release. This perpetuates the demand for these creatures and enables the cycle of exploitation to continue.
  3. What happens to the unsold turtles?

    • Turtles that are not sold are simply discarded, as it is seen as more expensive to maintain them than to throw them away. This highlights the callous and profit-driven nature of the trade.
  4. What are the consequences of this unsustainable practice?

    • The continuous demand for turtles in the market, aided by tourist support, puts the turtle population at risk of disappearing. If this cycle of exploitation and carelessness persists, it could ultimately lead to the extinction of these magnificent creatures.