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Trucking Industry Gone Crazy! American Truck Owner Operator Weekly Recap How Much Do Truckers Make

Trucking Industry Gone Crazy! American Truck Owner Operator Weekly Recap How Much Do Truckers Make?

Welcome to the weekly recap of an American truck owner operator's journey in the trucking industry. In this article, we will go over the events of the last week of March 2024 as the trucker shares their experiences and earnings. Let's dive in!

Week in Review

The truck owner operator operates a semi-truck in the United States as a refrigerated carrier. They follow an 80/20 split and aim to run a fuel-efficient operation. This particular week was a bit out of the ordinary, as they normally prefer to run out of Minnesota, but had to start in Tennessee due to market conditions.


The trucker completed a total of five loads during the week. Here's a breakdown of the loads:

  1. Tennessee to North Carolina: The first load was a quick one, with only 20 miles of emptiness and 346 loaded miles. The load weighed 800 lbs and paid $ 1,000. It was a one-time load.
  2. South Carolina to Illinois: The second load involved a 126-mile empty drive and 727 loaded miles. The load weighed 41,000 lbs and paid $ 1,311. The trucker had to deadhead quite a bit to find this load.
  3. Illinois to Minnesota: The third load had 92 miles of emptiness and 622 loaded miles. It paid $ 1,200 and had a weight of 42,000 lbs. The trucker mentioned that it was challenging to get $ 2 per mile in the current market conditions.
  4. Minnesota to Minnesota: The fourth load was an intrastate load with 22 empty miles and 201 loaded miles. It paid $ 900 and weighed 37,000 lbs.
  5. Minnesota to Maryland: The final load of the week involved a 121-mile empty drive and 1,250 loaded miles. It paid $ 4,650 and had a weight of 44,000 lbs. The trucker had to deal with a blizzard during this load.


For the week, the trucker earned a total revenue of $ 9,611. With an 80% cut, their take-home pay for the week was $ 7,250. After deducting variable costs such as diesel, fuel, scales, toll roads, and maintenance expenses, they were left with $ 4,549 for personal expenses.


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  1. How many loads did the truck owner operator complete during the week?
  2. How much did the trucker earn in revenue for the week?
  3. What were the variable costs deducted from the earnings?
  4. Where did the trucker encounter challenging weather conditions?
  5. What is the 80/20 split mentioned by the truck owner operator?
  6. How many miles did the trucker drive during the week?
  7. What is the average weight of the loads?
  8. How much did the highest-paying load of the week pay?
  9. What advice does the truck owner operator have for potential owner operators?
  10. How does the trucker feel about the current market conditions in the trucking industry?


The trucking industry can be unpredictable, as shown in this weekly recap. While the truck owner operator had a good week in terms of revenue, they also faced challenges like extreme weather conditions and low-paying loads. It is essential for aspiring owner operators to carefully consider their financials and market conditions before making the plunge into the trucking industry.