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VIRAL Faceless Tiktok Page Makes $200/day [CREATIVITY PROGRAM]

VIRAL Faceless Tiktok Page Makes $ 200/day [CREATIVITY PROGRAM]

Overview The Faceless TikTok account called Eagle Ey World has gained immense popularity, earning more than the average full-time job with its captivating videos. This article provides an account overview, deconstructs the type of videos they create, delves into their earnings, and explores an additional income stream they have incorporated.

The Eagle Ey World account focuses on engineering-related content, showcasing massive vehicles, buildings, trains, locomotives, and tractors. The videos offer a unique perspective on things that are not commonly seen, captivating the viewers and leaving them amazed. The account utilizes AI narration to provide voiceovers, and although they are faceless, the AI voice enhances the overall experience.

Consistently uploading videos, Eagle Ey World has gained significant engagement with many comments and likes. The videos vary in duration but manage to engage the audience effectively, making them want to watch more. The account has gained millions of views, with some videos going viral.

Video Creation Process Creating videos for this TikTok account is relatively simple. The process involves sourcing relevant videos, adding music, incorporating AI narration, and including on-screen text to accompany the voiceover. AI tools like 11 Labs can convert scripted content into a voiceover, while platforms like Chart GPT or Google B can assist in generating engaging scripts. TikTok provides built-in features for text placement, hashtags, and descriptions, making the editing process seamless.

While sourcing videos from platforms like YouTube, Reddit, or Facebook, it is essential to obtain proper copyright permissions or make adequate transformations to fall under fair use policies. Editing tools like Cut or TikTok's native editing features can be used to refine the videos, ensuring they meet the desired format and style.

Earnings and Monetization In the month of December alone, Eagle Ey World garnered an estimated 4 million views, indicating a consistent viewership. Considering a conservative estimate of $ 0.50 RPM (revenue per thousand views), the account would earn around $ 2,000 per month. However, their actual earnings could be even higher, potentially exceeding $ 4,000 per month.

Moreover, this account has smartly incorporated an additional income stream by selling a course. The course, which is linked in their videos, has received positive reviews, suggesting that people are purchasing it. This demonstrates how they have successfully diversified their revenue sources.

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  1. How much does the Faceless TikTok account, Eagle Ey World, earn on average?

    • The account earns around $ 2,000 per month, with the potential to generate even higher revenue.
  2. How are the videos created for this TikTok account?

    • The videos are sourced from various platforms, edited using tools like Cut or TikTok's native editing features, and paired with AI narration and on-screen text.
  3. Are there other platforms where these videos can be uploaded and monetized?

    • Yes, videos can be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, providing additional opportunities for revenue generation.
  4. How can someone start and grow a similar TikTok account?

    • Start by creating engaging content in a niche similar to engineering or any other area of interest, upload consistently, and focus on building a dedicated audience.