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Viral TikTok Niches to make $10,834 in 30 Days (TikTok Creativity Program)

Viral TikTok Niches to Make $10,834 in 30 Days (TikTok Creativity Program)

Are you looking to make money on TikTok? Well, you're in luck because there are now easier ways than ever to earn a significant income on this popular social media platform. In this article, we will explore some of the viral TikTok niches that can help you make thousands of dollars per month. Don't miss out on these opportunities!

Before we dive in, it's important to note that if you want to succeed in these niches, you need to be unique with your content. There might be others who try to copy what you do, so it's crucial to stand out and offer a fresh perspective. So, let's get started!

Niche #1: News

You might think that news is too broad of a category to be considered a niche, but it can actually be quite profitable. One strategy is to focus on emerging trends within the news. For example, you can create a character or cartoon based on a trending news topic. This can be done by designing your own cartoon character or partnering with an artist to create one.

Another option is to create a faceless news channel where you cover topical news using a voiceover and relevant overlays. By staying up to date with the latest news and being quick to post about it, you can attract a significant following.

Niche #2: Geolocation

Geolocation is another lucrative niche on TikTok. You can create videos showcasing celebrities' houses, famous monuments, or natural wonders using Google Earth Studio. This platform allows you to scroll through different locations on Earth and capture panoramic drone-style footage. Pair this footage with an AI voiceover, pictures of the locations or celebrities, and text overlays to create engaging content.

Niche #3: Quizzes

Quizzes are highly engaging and can attract a large audience. You can create various styles of quizzes, such as guessing album names based on a snippet of a song or identifying movies or Disney songs. There are endless possibilities for quiz topics, so get creative and cater to different interests. Quiz videos can quickly accumulate millions of views and help you build a substantial following.

Niche #4: AI-Generated Videos

Thanks to platforms like ChatGPT and DALL·E, you can create AI-generated videos that follow current trends. By using AI to generate images and explaining them in your content, you can create unique and captivating videos. An example is replicating trending swipe format pictures and turning them into Minecraft parkour videos. This novel approach can help you attract millions of views and gain thousands of followers.

Niche #5: AI Character Generation

This niche involves using AI to generate faces and incorporating them into your content. For example, you can create videos exposing secrets about certain industries or companies using an AI-generated face. The key is to find a unique angle and deliver content that hasn't been done before. By capitalizing on emerging trends and offering a fresh perspective, you can quickly build a dedicated following.


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Q1: How can I stand out in these viral TikTok niches?

To stand out in these niches, it's important to offer a unique perspective and be creative with your content. Find fresh angles that haven't been explored by others, and deliver content that is engaging and visually appealing.

Q2: Do I need to worry about copyright issues?

While copyright can be a concern in certain niches, such as using copyrighted music or images, TikTok's policies on copyright may differ. It's essential to familiarize yourself with TikTok's guidelines and ensure that your content doesn't violate any copyright laws.

Q3: Can I make money from TikTok with these niches?

Yes, you can make money on TikTok through various methods such as brand partnerships, sponsored content, and through the TikTok Creator Fund. By building a large following and producing high-quality content, you increase your chances of attracting brand collaborations and earning from your TikTok presence.

Q4: How long does it typically take to build a following in these niches?

The time it takes to build a following can vary depending on various factors such as the quality of your content, consistency in posting, and engagement with your audience. Some creators have achieved significant followers within a few weeks, while others may take months or even longer to reach their desired level of success.