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Viz IQ: Advanced Supply Chain Analytics for Shopify Brands

Viz IQ: Advanced Supply Chain Analytics for Shopify Brands

Viz IQ is a revolutionary analytics platform designed to streamline the operational aspects of your brand. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Viz IQ provides Shopify brands with valuable insights and metrics to enhance their supply chain management.

Installing Viz IQ on Shopify

To install the Viz IQ app on your Shopify store, simply visit the Shopify App Store and search for "Viz IQ". Once you've found the app, click on "Add app" and follow the prompts to install it on your store.

Home Page and Overview

Upon accessing Viz IQ, you'll find yourself on the home page where you'll get a quick snapshot of all the important metrics for your store. This overview allows you to monitor the performance of your store over time and highlights any new features or updates.

Order Analytics

Viz IQ provides comprehensive order analytics that ensure you never lose track of important order flows again. The "Order Velocity" feature displays total orders, total orders per month, and per day. By clicking on a specific month on the bar graph, you can drill down to see the exact products ordered. Additionally, you have the option to filter the data by state, city, and product, enabling you to access the specific information you need.

Understanding where your demand is originating from geographically is vital in optimizing your supply chain. Viz IQ's order analytics feature allows you to determine if you should contract warehouse fulfillment in certain locations to reduce shipping costs for your customers. By clicking on the "Quantity Ordered by Brand" option, you can view the order count by location and the order quantity per shipment.

Taking note of the shipping method chosen by your customers is crucial in determining which carrier is best suited for your shipping needs. High shipping costs can contribute to up to 49% of cart abandonment cases, so keeping a close eye on this metric is essential. Viz IQ allows you to assess whether you need to switch shipping options, use a different shipping carrier, or consider a third-party shipping option.

Inventory Analytics

Viz IQ's inventory analytics feature empowers you to have better control over your inventory management. The page provides an overview of your total inventory count, total product count, and the number of fulfillment locations you are operating out of. By clicking on a column, you can quickly identify the specific products you are running low on. Viz IQ also highlights fast-moving products to ensure you never run out of stock, and slow-moving products that may benefit from discounts to reduce inventory levels.


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Q: What is Viz IQ? A: Viz IQ is an advanced analytics platform designed to enhance supply chain management for Shopify brands.

Q: How do I install Viz IQ on my Shopify store? A: To install Viz IQ, visit the Shopify App Store, search for "Viz IQ," click on "Add app," and follow the installation prompts for your store.

Q: What can I monitor using Viz IQ's order analytics feature? A: Viz IQ's order analytics allows you to track order velocity, understand customer demand geographically, and analyze shipping methods to optimize your supply chain.

Q: How does Viz IQ help with inventory management? A: Viz IQ's inventory analytics feature provides insights into inventory count, fast-moving and slow-moving products, facilitating better inventory management decisions.

Q: Can Viz IQ help reduce cart abandonment caused by high shipping costs? A: Yes, Viz IQ enables you to monitor shipping costs and carriers chosen by customers, allowing you to make informed decisions that can reduce cart abandonment rates.