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Vookum Moses (Vookum on TT) #shorts #reels #foryou #fyp #luxury #tiktok

Vookum ? Moses (Vookum on TT) #shorts #reels #foryou #fyp #luxury #tiktok

Welcome back to VM's Live Negotiations! In this episode, we have something special to discuss - the Automar Spaghet reference 15300. This luxurious timepiece was acquired for $ 28,000, and there is great potential for profit. Get ready to be amazed as we approach the climax of this negotiation!

The anticipation has been building up, and now it's time to reveal our stunning find. Just yesterday, we encountered a dual-time 39mm rose gold beauty. Do you know what they call this exquisite piece? It's not just any dual timepiece - it's the SE! With anticipation mounting, let's dive into the negotiation.

The initial asking price for this remarkable dual-time timepiece is a staggering $ 33,299. The stakes are high, but Vookum is always ready for a challenge. In an act of generosity, Vookum decides to match the price of the Dual Time at $ 32,500, shaving off $ 2,799.

Moses, on the other hand, sees the opportunity and counters with $ 31,000. The negotiating is heating up, and Vookum follows up with $ 31,200. With each party standing firm, the final offer from Vookum is $ 31,200.

At this point, the negotiation has reached a pivotal moment. Will Moses accept Vookum's offer or counter once more? The ball is in Moses' court, and he decides to close the deal at $ 32,000. Success! The negotiation concludes at $ 32,000, securing a fantastic deal for both parties involved.

Vookum acknowledges that Moses had the upper hand during this negotiation, proving his skill and expertise. It's clear that this negotiation was a win for Moses, but also a valuable learning experience for Vookum - always stay on top of the game!


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Q: What is the Automar Spaghet reference 15300?
A: The Automar Spaghet reference 15300 is a highly sought-after luxury timepiece.

Q: What is the significance of the dual-time 39mm rose gold watch?
A: The dual-time 39mm rose gold watch is an exquisite piece known as the SE. It offers both functionality and elegance.

Q: How much did Vookum pay for the Automar Spaghet reference 15300?
A: Vookum acquired the Automar Spaghet reference 15300 for $ 28,000, leaving room for potential profit.

Q: What was the final price agreed upon in the negotiation?
A: The negotiation concluded at $ 32,000, with Moses claiming victory in this deal.

Q: What lessons did Vookum learn from this negotiation?
A: This negotiation served as a valuable learning experience for Vookum, highlighting the importance of staying on top of the game and recognizing the strengths of the opposing party.