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Wastequip: Leveraging eCommerce for Supply Chain Optimization

Wastequip: Leveraging eCommerce for Supply Chain Optimization

Welcome to B2B Commerce Uncut, a podcast where we dive into the world of digital commerce and transformation. In this episode, we have Kevin Cre, the Director of eCommerce for Wastequip, a company that offers solutions for the waste industry. Kevin shares the challenges they faced in finding replacement parts for their products and how it led them to implement a digital commerce channel. He discusses the benefits they have experienced, such as improved internal processes and better customer experiences. Kevin also provides insights and advice for manufacturers and distributors looking to implement a digital sales channel.

Wastequip and the Challenges of the Waste Industry

Wastequip is a company that provides manufactured products and services for the waste industry, including garbage trucks, containers, and parts. They realized that finding replacement parts in the waste industry was a challenge, with outdated methods like referencing thick catalogs or relying on the expertise of experienced employees. This sparked the idea of implementing a digital commerce channel to make the process of finding and ordering parts easier and more efficient.

Benefits of the Digital Commerce Channel

Since implementing the digital commerce channel, Wastequip has seen numerous benefits. Internally, they have been able to streamline their processes and improve data management through the use of analytics and information management tools. Externally, they have been able to provide their customers with a 24x7 sales channel, allowing them to research and order parts at their convenience. The mobile-friendly platform ensures that customers can access the website and find what they need even when they are out in the field. Wastequip also offers fast shipping, with a guarantee of nationwide delivery within three days.

Best Practices for Implementing a Digital Sales Channel

Kevin advises manufacturers and distributors considering a digital sales channel to start with a thorough discovery process. This involves having conversations with all stakeholders in the business, understanding pain points, and scoping out the project. It is crucial to involve every aspect of the business, from product line managers to shipping departments, as they all play a role in the success of the digital commerce channel. Kevin also emphasizes the importance of clear communication and setting expectations with all stakeholders. Additionally, he recommends investing in automation and selecting the right tools and platforms to support the business's goals and strategy.

The Future of Wastequip's Digital Journey

Wastequip plans to continue leveraging their digital commerce channel to improve their business and customer experience. They aim to expand their product offerings and enhance their website with features like configurators and image recognition technology. Their goal is to become the go-to solution for anyone in the waste industry, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for all their customers' needs.


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